L.A. Times reports on the Precinct Committeeman Strategy

Here’s the link to the story:


Darla Dawald over at ResistNet.com, quoted in the story, has been a big promoter of the strategy there, and continues to support my efforts there, and the Strategy, at: www.resistnet.com/group/invadethegop

(I wrote about this strategy for the Tea Partiers to become politically relevant recently here at Redstate here, which seemed to be fairly well-received. Then I wrote a spoof of the GOP actually embracing the less ambitious idea of just getting registered Republicans to come into the Party as voting members of the Party here.)

Another great site is at www.precinctsolution.org.

Phil Glass (also quoted), Tony Warren and JB Williams, with whom I have collaborated, have also contributed greatly to this Strategy at:


I am a big believer in the oft-quoted idea that “all politics are local” and, therefore, believe that each individual conservative can have the most impact on the outcome of the elections by becoming a precinct committeeman in the Republican Party, as I harangue all who will listen, here at Redstate and elsewhere (for example, tomorrow night I will be speaking at a local Tea Party meeting), and on my little blog at www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com.

Time is short — it’s already too late in some states for YOU to become a ball player in the 2010 election in the real ball game of politics — party politics — as a “card-carrying party member,” a precinct committeeman.

Thank you.
No More Scozzavas!
Become a Republican precinct committeeman. NOW!


American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

ThePrecinctProject, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

“[Primary e]lections have consequences, my friends.” — John McCain