Michael Steele's Urgent Memo to the GOP State Chairmen


From: Michael Steele, RNC Chairman
To: State GOP Chairmen and Chairwomen
Date: February 12, 2010
Subject: Recruiting Precinct Delegates/Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen

As you know, I promised that our new RNC website, GOP.com, would, by January, 2010, have tools enabling precinct committeemen across the country, in every county, to be able to network with one another — to form caucuses, organize, recruit more precinct committeemen, etc. The RNC wanted to create a template web site and offer it to every state and county GOP committee. That hasn’t happened. Mea culpa. Rather than a top down approach, let’s try a bottom-up approach.

So, I need your help. A quick review of many of the State GOP web sites shows that there is virtually no mention of the fact that our Party is at half-strength in the precinct committeeman ranks. And virtually none of the sites contain urgent pleas, prominently displayed, to visitors of the sites to come into the Republican Party as soon as possible as precinct delegates (as you know, it’s called committeemen, captain, etc. in some states) so the Party can go from half-strength to full-strength going into the 2010 election cycle. Also, there are virtually no explanations as to what a precinct committeeman is and how vitally important they are to the functioning of our “Grand Old Party” — indeed, as you know, because precinct committeemen vote for the leadership of the Party, and directly impact the outcome of the primary elections, they ARE the Party. Some of the county web sites have this information, but dang few.

Here’s one good example of what we need: http://www.maricopagop.org/precinct-committeeman/step-by-step-guide-to-becoming-a-precinct-committeeman-2/. (I’m informed this particular example was accomplished not by the Party officers but by brand new volunteer precinct committeemen who volunteered their time and skills — didn’t cost the Party a cent! And the Party didn’t even ask — the volunteers did it on their own and then presented the new web site on a silver platter to the county leaders.) There are a few other good examples, some of which have been compiled here: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com (It’s even got a comparison of our Platform and the Democrat Party Platform — we don’t even have that at our GOP.com web site!)

So, here’s my urgent request to you, my Republican brothers and sisters: Please, please, implore your County Chairpersons to prominently place on their web sites, as soon as possible, the following: An explanation to all visitors about the vital power and importance of the precinct committeeman position; how, by becoming one, they can actually “do something” because they will help strengthen and reinvigorate the Party; and how easy it is to become one. Implore them do what they did in Maricopa County, Arizona, if need be, if funds are tight — ask for volunteers from the precinct committeemen ranks. And now you’ve got some good examples for how to do it. I realize that you don’t really have the power to do this, because you know, as I do, that the real power within our Party lies with the precinct committeemen themselves. If precinct committeemen want this to happen at the county level, they can make this happen, as they did in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Let’s get ‘er done.

Thank you.


I can dream, can’t I?

Thank you.
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