Let's prove Richard Cohen wrong. Let's have a real party.

Erick Erickson posted today a link to a good article by Richard Cohen about John Edwards which called into question both the judgment of John “I served in Viet Nam” Kerry and whether political parties in the traditional sense are dead in America. Cohen ended the article with this conclusion:

The political machine, the organization, even the parties themselves are gone, severely atrophied or discredited as (ugh) mainstream. They once served as filters, admission committees, but they have been replaced by a sham familiarity — fame at its most beguiling and dangerous. This was John Edwards. He’s not a scandal. He’s a lesson.

Uh, no, Mr. Cohen. John Edwards IS a scandal AND a lesson.

From John Edwards, lessons on celebrity and politics

Okay, conservatives. Let’s prove Mr. Cohen wrong. Let’s let the Democrats think that their party is dead and no longer needed. Meanwhile, let’s rebuild ours from the precinct level on up, as we’re doing across the country. As I’ve noted in earlier posts here, in Maricopa County, Arizona, in one year we’ve gone from 31 per cent of our precinct committeemen slots being filled to 53 per cent — and we keep adding more. We are at the greatest strength ever. Let’s let Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Bob Menendez try to keep the good conservatives in the Tea Party movement out of our Party; I’ll now use the fact of his foolish strategy (which completely misreads the thinking of the vast majority of those in the Tea Party movement), when I speak to Tea Party and 9.12 and other grass roots conservative groups, as a recruiting tool to encourage those conservatives to come into the Party. Obviously, if Menendez fears the conservative Tea Parties coming into the Republican Party to unite with the conservatives already there, that must be a bad thing for incumbent, big-spending, Constitution-ignoring Democrats. Thank you, Sen. Menendez. But then, what would one expect from such a deep thinker who gets basic economics upside down?

If we conservatives rebuild our moribund, seemingly leaderless Party through participation in it, in the precinct committeemen ranks, we’ll assuredly have great success in the 2010 election cycle and beyond. We conservatives will have a chance to elect new, more conservative leaders — but only if we increase our ranks WITHIN the voting ranks of the Party. And we’ll be able to help conservative candidates win the all-important primary elections by helping educate the voters in our precincts about the BEST candidates in our primary contests. And we’ll get out a much larger percentage of the vote on primary and general election days than we would otherwise.

Our Party was at about half-strength on Election Day, 2008; let’s take it to full-strength by having conservatives invade it now to sign up to become precinct committeemen. Read about the strategy here: ThePrecinctProject.

Thank you.
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