J.D. Hayworth creams McCain in straw poll at Maricopa County Rep. Party annual meeting -- sources / A more conservative Party

Multiple sources are reporting that JD Hayworth overwhelming beat Senator John McCain among the Republican faithful at the Maricopa County Republican Committee elections today.

The straw poll showed that the former congressman and conservative, JD Hayworth, beat Arizona’s senior senator 68% to 10.5%. The poll reflects the growing dissatisfaction by grassroots and elected precinct committeemen even in John McCain’s home county.JD Hayworth

This poll also mirrors the results of an earlier poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen in which JD Hayworth was within striking distance of John McCain 45 to 43 percent. (Rasmussen Reports, November 20, 2009)

Read all about it here.

We conservatives had some success today. At the Maricopa County Republican Party annual meeting, the “Conservative Slate” of five candidates for the five at-large positions on the MCRP Executive Guidance Committee, to serve alongside the Legislative District chairman and the MCRP officers, overwhelming won all five positions. The five at-large members serve a two-year term. So, conservative Republicans added five “hard corps” conservatives to the county leadership. Those five conservatives had been endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Andrew Thomas, Don Goldwater of the Pachyderm Coalition, and several grass roots “Tea Party” organizations. Each of the five candidates on the Conservative Slate garnered vote margins in the 70 per cent range.

Also, all the “conservative” changes to the bylaws, and all the “conservative” resolutions, passed overwhelmingly. We had a total turnout of 1,699 precinct committeemen in person or by proxy, and about 1,200 in person. A lot of “Tea Partiers” were in attendance.

Here are some numbers that show how grass roots involvement at the precinct level can quickly change a political party. On Election Day, 2008, out of 6,231 precinct committeemen slots available to represent, within the Party itself, the approximately 694,000 registered Republicans residing in Maricopa County, only 1,989 slots were filled. Thus, the Party was at 31.9 per cent strength in the voting ranks. Those who have volunteered since Election Day, 2008 to be appointed as a PC, and who had their appointments approved 45 days before today’s meeting, numbered 3,030 — meaning 48.6 per cent of the slots were filled. At last count, our total number of precinct committeemen in Maricopa County is 3,326 — that means the Party is now over half-strength — at 53.3 per cent strength.

And, based on today’s overwhelming votes in favor of the Conservative Slate, the conservative changes to the bylaws and the conservative resolutions, and based on the tenor of the crowd, I think it’s safe to say we now have a solidly conservative Maricopa County Republican Party.

Now we await the rest of the results of the straw poll.

Change the party ranks, change the outcome of the primary elections, change the outcome of the general elections.

Thank you.
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