Talk about wasted Republican breath

Ah yes, a “call to action.”  To DO WHAT, exactly?

They never say. Sounds like they want us to “keep doing what you’re doing” — I suppose that means making phone calls, sending faxes and e-mails, mailing pink slips and holding a sign at a Tea Party. But of course they leave it vague — wouldn’t want to be too partisan. Yeah, all those communications have really worked on the unprincipled Debtocrats so far, now haven’t they?

Now, at another time, in another place, when John McCain was contemplating running for president way back in 2005, when he knew he needed more precinct committeemen nationwide at the grass roots to help “the maverick” get the nomination in the primaries, when asked by a caller during the Larry King Live show what he could DO to make an impact on the congresscritters, “the maverick” knew EXACTLY what the caller needed to DO — become a precinct committeeman:

KING: Hi. CALLER: First I would like to tell Senator McCain how much I admire what he did to protect freedom in our country. Being from Richmond, I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Galante.

Senator McCain, we need to you run for president and my question is, there are many, many people in the United States that are not extreme Republicans or extreme Democrats, and we are not being representative — represented. What should we do?

MCCAIN: Get active. Could I say that, our caller mentioned my dear friend Paul Galante who lives in Washington, one of my comrades from long ago and far away, he’s a wonderful man.

Get active, get involved, go out and join, become a precinct committeeman. I think you’re a Republican. Go out and become a precinct committeeman. Support candidates that you believe it. Support issues that you believe in.

You’ve got a governor’s race right now in, coming up in a few days in Virginia. Do you believe in your candidate? Work for him. It could be a very, very close race. So, I know how busy your life is and I know how many obligations you have, but remember, we should all get involved to some degree in a political process.

Larry King Live transcript, Nov. 3, 2005

Why won’t these incumbent Republicans implore Republicans to come into the Party? Because they are terrified that if they did, and enough conservatives acted on their pleas, they, too, along with their buddies over in the House, might face a re-energized, full-strength Party at the grass roots level that might just turn out the vote in that all-important primary election for a conservative challenger — a challenger to THEM. A newcomer, non-politician adversary, in this anti-incumbent mood the county is in, might just toss them out, too. Oh, and the new conservative precinct committeemen, teamed up with the pre-existing conservative precinct committeemen, would be able to elect all new conservative Party leaders, from the precinct level all the way down to the RNC. Notice I said “down” to the RNC. The precinct committeemen ARE the Party. They elect servants within the Party. The RNC ranks below the precinct committeemen. He is supposed to be their elected representative. Want a more conservative Republican Party? Then if you are a conservative Republican, you need to take the next step and get into the ball game of party politics. It’s not hard. You can learn all about it here: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com

Just look at every one of those folks in the video — virtually every one fits the bill as a PROFESSIONAL, LIFETIME office seeker. And they know that if conservatives fill up every vacant precinct committeemen slot in the Party, and thereby achieve a solid conservative majority (HALF the slots were vacant on Election Day, 2008), they, too, could be tossed out in that all-important primary election which, traditionally, has low voter turnout — because all these throngs of new, conservative precinct committeemen might be getting the vote out for their challenger.

I agree, ACT. I agree, make your voice heard. Get to a local GOP meeting and tell them you want to become a voting member of the Republican Party — a precinct committeeman (it’s called different things in different states: associate, captain, whatever — the important thing is YOU now have the power to vote for the leadership and can directly impact the outcome of the primary elections). Then, if you decide to communicate with any of the congresscritters, start by saying:

“I am a conservative Republican Party precinct committeeman and I am recruiting every conservative I can to come into the Party with me as a precinct committeeman for the sole purpose of making sure you and all like you who do not uphold your oath of office will not be returned to office in the next election” or

“I am a conservative Republican and I am taking steps to become a precinct committeeman and I am recruiting every conservative I can to come into the Party with me as a precinct committeeman for the sole purpose of making sure you and all like you who do not uphold your oath of office will not be returned to office in the next election.”

They only care if you can demonstrate you are a real, honest-to-goodness threat to their chance of getting re-elected. It’s the ONLY thing they care about.

Thank you.


American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman by necessity.

www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

“Elections have consequences, my friends.” — John McCain