Beware the “Conservative Grievance Complex” – good for selling books, not for fixing things.

It’s almost as if there is a “Conservative Grievance Complex” that exists to line the pockets of those within it. They will rail about the latest outrage, but don’t tell us HOW we might fix things. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really don’t know. For example, Rep. Tom Price claimed ignorance at the Redstate gathering in Atlanta when I told him that in 2008 HALF the precinct committeeman slots nationwide were vacant.

The members of the Conservative Grievance Complex, such as the Republican incumbent “conservatives” in the House and Senate, may rail about the latest Democrat outrages.

The people with the “big microphones” and television shows and the book writers will rail about the latest outrages, too. Rush. Beck. Levin. Hannity. Ingraham. Huckabee. DeMint. Etc. (And, I salute Glenn Beck for all he has been doing about exposing the communists and Marxists in the Obama Administration – in the end, this really isn’t about the Conservative Grievance Complex, it’s about “we the people,” as it’s OUR job to take back our country.)

Yes, they will tell you, “You people must ‘take back the GOP.’”

But they never tell you HOW to do it.

Ever hear ANY of them tell you HOW to “take back the GOP?”

We outnumber the socialists/liberals/Commies.  But they outwork us in the grass roots trenches. No?

And, we are splintered.  We are not united where it matters – in a political party. I stress the word “in.” And we seem to lose sight of the obvious fact that, in the end, our highest priority has to be accomplishing one thing and one thing only — getting more people to vote for OUR candidates.

Here’s HOW to do it:

Offer the dumbed-down electorate a choice, not an echo, at the general election.

HOW?  By making sure a conservative wins in the primary.

HOW?  By making sure conservatives outnumber liberals/moderates/RINOs in “the most powerful office in the world” — the precinct committeeman positions.

WHY?  Because then PCs can vote to endorse the BEST conservatives in the primaries and help get out the vote for those conservative candidates.  Primary elections, historically, have VERY low turnout.  If a majority of the PCs are working hard to get the vote out in those crucial primary contests, then the conservative candidates WILL win.

Back to that word “in.” If you are a registered Republican, but not a precinct committeeman, you really aren’t “in” the Party. Sorry. You are “just” registered. Only registered Republicans “in” the party get to vote for the Party leadership. Only registered Republicans “in” the Party can vote in formal Party endorsements of favored candidates in the primary elections. If you are not “in” the Party, you don’t have the right to offer resolutions to your county, state, or national Republican Party organizations. You don’t get the opportunity to run to be an elected leader within the Party. You can’t be a delegate to the national convention. You won’t have a chance to impact the Party platform. Sorry to burst your bubble, but as far as the Party is concerned, you are a nobody. And most of the “Establishment” wants you to remain one.

Read Martin Knight’s take on it here:


Don’t take my word for it. Go to the RNC and virtually all of the state and county GOP websites. Look for what they want from you: they want your money. They want you to donate time to make phone calls. They want you to write letters to the editor. But they do not say, “Gee, thanks for coming here. We REALLY want you to become a voting member of the Party so YOU can vote in the leadership of YOUR choosing in the next round of internal party elections. And, by the way, we REALLY want you to come into the Party because HALF of these voting slots are empty. So, if you come into the Party, and you and your like-minded buddies increase the level of participation in these voting slots by just ten per cent, YOU might control the outcome of the next round of leadership elections.”

“We the [conservative] people” are slowly waking up.  But holding a sign at a rally doesn’t really change anything.  ONLY real, grass roots, in-the-trenches political participation does.  And that happens at the monthly local GOP meetings.  But you have to be a voting member of the Party if you REALLY want to change things.

We Republicans in Legislative District 17 in Maricopa County, AZ had our legislative district meeting on Tuesday, December 8, 2009.  We have DOUBLED our PC ranks since January.

Go here to read what I wrote about it earlier here at Redstate:


We conservatives who might be attending Tea Parties need to realize the ONLY REALLY EFFECTIVE place to “party” is within the Republican Party as a precinct committeeman.  That should be priority number one right now of every conservative.

In my humble opinion.

If anyone has a better strategy, I’m all ears.

And, I hope the members of the Conservative Grievance Complex will start talking about HOW conservatives can take back the Party.

Thank you.

Cold Warrior


American first, conservative second and Republican precinct committeeman by necessity.

http://www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

“Elections have consequences, my friends.” — John McCain