Sen. Tom Coburn threatens to demand reading of Reid's "health care" bill on the Senate floor

DrudgeReport has just posted a link to a Washington Times article about Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R. OK) threat to demand, according to the Senate rules, that Sen. Harry Reid’s so-called “health care” bill be read in its entirety on the Senate floor. The article estimates it would take a minimum of 34.5 hours to read the monstrosity straight through. Moreover, the Senate rules also allow any Senator to demand that any Senate bill be read THREE times.

What’s even more interesting is that Senate Rule XIV (paragraph 2) states that every bill and joint resolution “shall receive three readings prior to its passage.”

“Upon demand of a senator, these readings shall be on three different legislative days,” the rules say.

Click here for the Washington Times article.

I just called Sen. Coburn’s DC office (202-224-5754) explaining I’m a Republican Party precinct committeeman in Arizona and told his staff I wanted to thank Sen. Coburn for his courage, ask him to not give in to pressure and follow through with his threat to demand the reading of the bill on the Senate floor and also ask that he demand the bill be read THREE times according to the Senate rules.

I hope you’ll have the time and inclination to call Sen. Coburn, too.

Thank you.


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