"we finally agreed that it did really make sense to change the leadership if we wanted to change the party"

As you may know, I’ve been a broken record here about “The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy.”

Well, I hope you’ll go to my little blog, www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com, and click on the link for Nevada.  There you’ll read a brief story of how an ad hoc “group” of conservatives — some who were really disgusted with the idea of venturing into the Republican Party — figured out that if they really wanted to change the country they had to join the Party and become voting members of it to change the leadership of their local county Republican Party.

We’re talking about a politically significant county — “Harry Reid country” — Clark County, Nevada, the most populous county in Nevada.

And, they DID IT.

You can do it where you live, too.  It’s not hard.  It just takes a little bit of ACTION.  “Get out of your chair” kind of action.

I hope you ACT.

Thank you.



American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman by necessity (and trying to recruit more every way my pea brain can conceive).