Tonight! Listen to John Shadegg NOT tell conservatives to become precinct committeeman

Tonight at 8 pm Eastern, Americans for Prosperity will be hosting a nationwide conference call about the status of the congressional hijacking of our individual rights with respect to our own health care.

National Health Care Tele Town Hall Tonight

Join us TONIGHT for a national tele town hall with Rep. John Shadegg (AZ) to discuss the Washington take over of health care and how we can stop it. Call 888-886-6603 at 8pm ET and enter the extension 13485. I hope you all can make it for this important call.

I was on the last call and heard two people implore Rep. Shadegg to tell them what they could DO to make an impact on the Senate and House members.  I wrote about it here at Redstate.  What did he tell them?   He told them to “make phone calls, send e-mails, talk to your neighbors.” There was no, “If you really, really want to send a shock wave through the political world, in addition to making the phone calls and sending the e-mails, all 10,000 of you conservatives on this call, tomorrow, get in touch with your local GOP organization and tell them you want to become a PC and then do it.”  I commented at that time here:  http://www.redstate.com/toni100/2009/09/22/democrat-sham-healthcare-%E2%80%98shell%E2%80%99-bill-to-be-rushed/

Why won’t he implore conservatives to come into the Party as voting members of it?  Because he FEARS conservatives coming into the Party and HIJACKING it from the moderates who are trying to control it.  He knows that in Maricopa County and his congressional district only one-third of the PC slots were filled on election day 2008 and that they were split about 50-50 between conservatives and moderates.  He knows that if the two-thirds of the slots that are vacant are filled with real conservatives he may lose in the 2010 Republican primary election for his seat.  That 50-50 split could become a 5 to 1 split in favor of real conservatives.  And he knows that nationwide that if 50 per cent of the PC slots that are vacant are filled up with conservatives, the 50-50 split between moderates and conservatives that exists now, and is reflected in our “leadership” in the Party, and the RINO candidates that win many of the primary elections, could change to a 75 to 25 split in favor of conservatives over moderates.

Will he be asked the “what can we DO” question tonight?  What will his answer be?  Inquiring conservatives want to know.

Call 888-886-6603 at 8pm ET and enter the extension 13485.

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