“If you ain’t Airborne, you ain’t s**t.”

I was in the Army. I did a lot of weird, fun stuff while I was in the Army. The Army has all sorts of pecking orders.

I was smart enough not to volunteer for Ranger School. (I already knew that beating my head against a wall in ice cold water for long periods of time would be painful.)

One fun thing, though, separated the “boys” from the “men.” Jumping out of airplanes.

If you had your five jumps, and, hence, the right to display on your uniform your Airborne Wings, you could say things like the following, in a low, measured tone to your fellow soldiers while pointing to your Wings, “Some men wear them, others admire them.” You either had the testicles (or foolishness) to jump five times out of a perfectly good airplane, or not.

I want to create a Republican Party precinct committeeman medallion the equivalent of the Army’s Airborne Wings. You either are “tough enough” to become a precinct committeeman, or not. You either are a player, or not.

Because if you ain’t a conservative Republican Party precinct committeeman, you ain’t s**t.

Thank you.


I am only one. But I am a conservative Republican Party precinct committeeman and desperately trying to recruit more in whatever demented way my feeble mind can conceive (so please don’t be offended but please humor me and become a precinct committeeman immediately, or else you’ll have to keep reading my haranguing tripe.)