434 new conservative precinct committeemen. And counting.

Promoted from diaries.  Now spread it around. – Moe Lane

As of August 31, 2009, since the Nov. 2008 election, the Maricopa County Republican Party has increased its precinct committeeman ranks by over 21 per cent. The Party had, in Nov., 2008, 1,989 precinct committeemen representing the 694,000 registered Republican voters in Maricopa County. The quota was 6,231. Thus, the Party was at less than one-third “fighting” strength. Those 1,989 were split about 50-50 between moderates and conservatives.

No more.

Since November, we’ve recruited 434 more PCs. Most at Tea Parties and congresscritter protests. Most, if not all, of these new recruits are conservatives – I’ve been to a lot of Tea Parties and protests – and talked to a lot of people at them in my efforts to recruit PCs – and I’ve yet to meet a moderate.

And I know we’ve got more conservative recruits in the pipeline. And they are motivated. One brand new recruit with webmastering skills just volunteered to improve our website. I recruited 5 more conservative PCs in the last three days. And other conservative PCs are doing the same.

So, assuming we’ve got 450 new, conservative PCs in the ranks, instead of being at a fighting strength of about 31 per cent we’re now at about 40 per cent. Of course, the goal is to get all remaining slots filled with conservatives.

Why is this so important now? This increase in the ranks sends a STRONG SIGNAL to the “powers that be” in the AZ Republican Party, both the elected internal party leadership, and the elected representative, that a conservative sea-change is beginning in the Republican Party. This infusion of conservatives into the PC ranks within the Party should influence how elected representative view the Party ranks and may cause them to consider taking stands on legislation more in keeping with the Party Platform. The more conservatives in the PC ranks, the more likely the leadership of the Party will be conservative.

Why is it important to become a PC now? Immediately? Because in some states, the deadline for becoming one, so that you may participate in the internal legislative district, county, state and national Party elections is fast approaching. If you are interested, contact your county GOP office NOW.

How did we do it? Some of the new PCs were recruited one-on-one. Many were recruited, as mentioned, where conservatives tend to gather – both in person (Tea Parties, protests against socialized medicine outside the offices of congresscritters who would not hold town hall meetings, like mine, Debtocrat Harry Mitchell, AZ CD-5) and on the internet (here at Redstate, ResistNet.com’s conservative forums, Breitbart.com, Townhall, conservative blogs, etc.)

I use a flyer and have posted here about how I used it and a big sign at the April 15, 2009 Phoenix Tea Party at our capitol:


While I was handing out my recruitment flyers, Arizona State Senator spoke to the crowd using my flyer to implore conservatives to become PCs (his remarks start at about the three-minute mark in the video):

You may have seen Erick Erickson posting about the need for conservatives to become PCs:


Again, the point is, demonstrations don’t actually DO much to change the status quo.  Winning elections does.  To win elections, you have to out-number the other side and have a better message than the other side.  When the Republican Party candidate does not win it’s usually because his message is warmed over liberalism rather than clear, principled conservatism of the Reagan mold.

And here’s some great information compiled by Martin Knight about The Committeeman Project:


Want to be part of a revolution? A conservative revolution? Then become a Republican Party precinct committeeman.


I’ve spoken to the precinct committeeman in Pinal County who has volunteered to coordinate PC recruitment there. Pinal County may be having more success than we are here in Maricopa County. And I’m encouraged by the number of folks here at Redstate who have become PCs recently.

Martin Knight has estimated our Party nationwide is at about half-strength. Half the PC slots are empty. We really could have a conservative revolution within the Party if we filled up only one tenth of those open slots with good conservatives. Every vote counts. Our Maricopa County and AZ GOP chairmen, good conservatives, beat moderate challengers by only a handful of votes. If you want conservative leadership, you have to vote for it. And only PCs can vote in the Party leadership elections.

Want to impact the Party “leaders?” Become a PC.

Every state has different requirements. They are not onerous. Some don’t even require you to gather signatures.

Go here to learn more: http://www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com

Go for it! So some day you can say, “I was a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

Thank you. And thanks to all of you here who have become PCs. You’re going to meet a lot of great people and have a lot of fun!


P. S. If you are having success recruiting conservatives into the PC ranks, please report it here at Redstate.com