Organizing for Obama not very organized

I was all ready to go to my meeting today with my congresscritter, Debtocrat Rep. Harry Mitchell, AZ CD-5.  Had gone to the Organizing for Obama America web site and signed up to meet with Rep. Mitchell during the 3 to 4 pm time slot.  So, just to be sure Harry would really be there (I had no reason to suspect my courageous representative would not be there, especially since Organizing for Obama America said he would be), I called his office to make sure he’d be there to greet me and listen to my concerns.  Oh, the horror!  Wouldn’t you just know it, Organizing for Obama America had been confused, according to the nice staffer at Rep. Mitchell’s office.  Apparently, they somehow got the idea that they could set up personal meetings with Harry, but didn’t bother to clear it with him.  Gee, apparently they never got the word that Harry’s “finding the facts” in Israel.  The nice staffer just didn’t seem to know who else was with hard-workin’ Harry, but nonetheless I was so overjoyed that “Fact Finder” Harry was “finding the facts” on his junket strenuous, intensive working trip to Israel.

So then the inevitable questions arose:  When will he be having his first public town hall meeting with constituents on the “healthcare” bills?  She did not know.  How many public town hall meetings will he schedule during the remainder of the recess?  She did not know.  Could I get a meeting with Harry at one of his secret meetings with those mysterious people he meets with secretly?  No, the same answer as before (I had asked this on August 5, too), that would not be possible.  Well, how about meeting with me and others — you know, squeezing us into his calendar somewhere during the remainder of the recess?  No, that just wasn’t going to be possible.

Oh, that hard-workin’ Harry.  All those secret meetings to attend.  And all those junkets “fact finding” overseas trips.   He sure has a hard job!

He really likes to answer hard questions, though. See:

Thank you.