No socialized medicine protest at Dem. Harry Mitchell's office

This morning about 250 people showed up outside the Scottsdale, AZ office of Debtocrat Rep. Harry Mitchell (CD 5, AZ) to protest his and the the Debtocrat Party’s quest to foist unconstitutional socialized medicine on the American people. Here are links to two videos shot there. I’d embed the videos but it doesn’t seem to work for me when I try it in a Diary. Once you get to YouTube you can watch the rest of the videos.

There’ll be another protest at noon, which I’ll be heading to momentarily.

We also had several petitions against socialized medicine that we’ll be delivering to Mitchell. It was great to be among all those assembled right wing extremists.

Hat’s off to Tom Jenny of the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity for helping to get the word out about this protest and for supplying the bull horn. Tom also happens to be a conservative Republican precinct captain.

Thank you.

Cold Warrior