"In Our Hands" 1950s vids -- It's "We the people"

I saw the third of these four videos over at www.therealrevo.com.  Found all four of them over at www.archive.org by searching for “In Our Hands”.

My grade school-age kids will be watching these videos soon.  If only all voters would.  Not to mention our elected public SERVANTS.

I have watched all four.  They are timeless.  I have placed them below out of order.  I recommend you watch them in that order.  Regardless, watch all four.  I tried to embed the html code for the videos but failed miserably, apparently, as in preview mode all I saw was the code.

So, here are the URLs for the four videos in my recommended viewing order.  Sorry to have to send you over to www.archive.org, but, actually, it’s a great site and I think you might benefit from being sent over there.





I especially liked the tractor footage and the factory footage, having spent time as a kid on tractors and some time in my adult life in factories.  My goodness, in the second in the series, “What We Have,” I could swear that’s my aunt and uncle’s chicken coop where I fed the chickens, cleaned their nests and gathered their eggs.  Funny how such a dirty and smelly job brings back very fond memories.  And, thankfully, every year I am fortunate to relive them, at that spot, as my aunt still raises chickens for eggs — I go back for the family tradition of deer hunting.  In the valley that bears my family’s name.  (I had the good fortune of spending a summer milking cows on a dairy farm and sleeping in the same room my dad did (my uncle bought the family farm from my grandmother — she raised eight boys, my dad being the youngest).)  I’m a Pole and a German.  My ancestors came here in the late 1800s and inherited, and cherished, the blessings of liberty.   And their children willingly went off to war to fight for our liberties — we were fortunate; none died in the battles.  Their service, both in the realm of politics and the military, inspired mine, as well as many of my cousins. 

Let’s take this “last best hope on earth” back.

Thank you.

American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman by necessity.