Phoenix Arizona Tea Party

Great crowd today.  I am always bad at estimating crowd sizes and have not yet seen or heard what the local “news” has said about the crowd size, but my SWAG would be around 4,000.  I was busy handing out my flyers in an attempt to recruit precinct committeemen for the 4,000+ open slots in Maricopa County.

I shot video and you can see for yourself the type of crowd — lots of very enthusiastic, nice people, young and old, many with kids (like me — we made it a family affair), with all sorts of creative signs.  There were so many people there I never even got to see who was on the stage speaking to the crowds because I couldn’t get close enough.  I got there at just a few minutes after 4 pm and the crowd was already surrouding the speakers’ platform about twenty deep as former conservative Republican Rep. J.D. Hayworth was just starting the live broadcast of his talk radio progarm that airs on Clear Channel station KFYI AM 550 here.  I left at about 7:25 and the crowd was only then starting to subside.

Here’s the link to video with my sign:


I’m going to try to embed the video (hope it works):

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The rest of the videos can be found in a playlist on YouTube by searching for SheriffJoeSupporter or by going here (assuming the link works):


Since I’m new at this, if that link doesn’t work, just search using SheriffJoeSupporter and or the terms:

April 15 2009 Tea Party Phoenix Arizona Capitol Mall

I gave out 1,000 flyers that said what follows and, when the flyers ran out, had many conversations with conservatives who expressed a desire in becoming precinct committemen.  Sort of like “Civics 101 in five minutes or less.”  It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of very nice, polite people really concerned about the future direction of our country.

Here’s the text of the flyer:



If you really want to change the country, start by becoming a Republican Party Precinct Committeeman! It’s the most powerful office in the world because Precinct Committeemen determine who gets the chance to be elected to office at every level of government.  Is saving your country worth a few hours of your time each month?  I thought so. Please read on for what to DO.


1. To change things, we must change the laws.

2. To change the laws, we must change the people who make the laws.

3. To get elected, your candidate must be on the ballot.

4. To get on the November ballot you must win the Primary.

5. To win the Primary, you must get the support of people who make endorsements in the Primary, who reliably vote in the Primary, and who get out the vote of others in the Primary. Those people are the Precinct Committeemen.




Most importantly, by becoming a Precinct Committeeman, YOU GET TO ACTUALLY VOTE FOR THE PARTY LEADERSHIP. YOU GET TO CAST A VOTE FOR YOUR LOCAL REPUBLICAN LEADERS UP TO THE COUNTY LEVEL, AND THEN GET TO ELECT ELECTORS WHO ELECT THE STATE AND NATIONAL PARTY LEADERS. If those who accept, understand and advocate conservative principles become a majority IN THE PARTY RANKS, guess what? The Party leadership voted in will be those who accept, understand and advocate conservative principles. THE WINNING PRINCIPLES THAT PRODUCED THE REAGAN LANDSLIDES.  The Party again might appear to the voters to offer a clear choice from the Democrat Party, rather than an echo of it.  HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN – YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.




Go here to learn more:


The Most Powerful Office in the World is NOT the President of the United States:  http://www.eagleforum.org/misc/brochures/precinct-committman.shtml


United we stand, divided we fall.  The left wants us to leave the GOP.  The left wants to divide us.  The left wants a weak, moderate GOP.  And many weak, splintered Third Parties to siphon away votes from the GOP.  The left wants us to be divided because that way they will defeat us at the ballot box.


DO IT for the sake of your country:  call the GOP and tell them you want to become a Precinct Committeeman:


AZ GOP:  (602) 957-7770  www.azgop.org

Maricopa County GOP:  (623) 977-4532 www.maricopagop.org


Or call me, XXX, at (XXX) XXX-XXX; I’ll help.  If I don’t answer, leave your name and number.  Thank you.

Thank You.