Democrat Henry Solano comes out swinging for Ken Buck

In what can only be described as bizarre, former Democratic United States Attorney for Colorado, Henry Solano came out swinging in defense of Ken Buck. Solano writing a guest commentary in the Denver Post this morning praises Ken Buck’s tenure at the US Attorney’s office. Solano writes; “During my five-year tenure, historic accomplishments were achieved with Buck as a supervisor. He was instrumental in the success of the office and that of the staff attorneys involved, including opening fully staffed offices in Durango and Grand Junction and establishing an appellate division.”

Solano goes on to address the Golyansky case which has been the source of numerous attack ads against Ken Buck. The case was first used by Jane Norton to attack Ken Buck in her unsuccessful primary campaign. Michael Bennet and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee continue to use the case in an attempt to undermine what now appears to be an enviable and highly successful career at the US Attorney’s office.

Solano’s is not satisfied with merely restoring Ken Buck’s reputation, but goes on the attack against fellow Democrat Ted Strickland. Solano accuses Strickland, who replaced Solano as the Colorado US Attorney, as exploiting the Columbine massacre for political purpose. “ Between my leaving and Strickland becoming U.S. attorney, the Columbine tragedy occurred. The twice-rejected gun case was resurrected just when he was new. “



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