Josh Penry take: Norton deserving of "Audacity of Hypocrisy Award"

This is hilarious. Right when Norton’s campaign appears to have put the finishing touches on their demise they are once again victimized by their own wickedness.

As some may recall the Norton campaign sent out a strongly worded mass emailing (May 11th) accusing Americans for Job Security of supporting Ken Buck and Blanche Lincoln!


Dear Fellow Coloradan, What do Ken Buck and a liberal southern Senator who saved Obamacare have in common?

A lot it turns out.

Obviously the poorly contrived email required the Norton camp to believe Republican voters are gullible and/or ignorant.


“But here is the kicker: the same Good Ol’ Boys group supporting Ken Buck here in Colorado is simultaneously spending even more to reelect incumbent Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln-the liberal who provided the deciding vote to make Obamacare the law of the land.”


Well, well, well.  Today the Norton campaign proudly announced the endorsement of the United States Chamber of Commerce. That had to be such a proud moment for them until they realized…. In keeping with typical Norton blunders fate has a certain fondness of seeking her out with unenviable frequency.

It seems that the United States Chamber of Commerce endorsed Blanche Lincoln on April 30th.


But a Chamber spokesman, J.P. Fielder, pointed out that the organization endorsed Ms. Lincoln in 2004, when she last ran for re-election. He described the current ad as “a significant buy” that “will run for an extended period.”


Americans for Job Security did not endorse Blanche Lincoln as claimed by Norton. However they provided money in an ad buy to influence the outcome of the Democratic primary.

But, Norton has some explaining to do.  US Chamber of Commerce not only bought an ad buy but endorsed Blanche Lincoln (yet again).  US Chamber must think Norton and Lincoln are like two peas in a pod.  Who am I to argue with the US Chamber of Commerce?

I wonder if Norton’s campaign wants to do a small retraction, or are they going to continue to trust their instinct that the Republican voters are gullible and/or ignorant?  I recommend they do a retraction. This portion of the email would be a great place to start:


“It’s contemptible, and it’s true. Ken Buck’s friends at Americans for Job Security are so committed to the cause of limited government and fiscal discipline that they are spending more than a million dollars to help reelect a liberal Democrat who voted for Obamacare, the Obama stimulus bill, the bank bailout, and fiscally reckless legislation that increased the national debt ceiling to trillions.”

Norton and the rest of her campaign staff have developed quite the fall back position.  They can all find work as comedy writers! Why I bet they would win the “Audacity of Hypocrisy Award”. Certainly the closing on their mass emailing is now appropriate for those gullible and/or ignorant Republicans Norton is trying to reach with this closing line of her email:


“First, contribute to the Jane Norton for Colorado campaign online. Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will help send the message to Ken Buck, Blanche Lincoln, and their Washington cronies that big spending and bailouts are bad for Colorado, bad for Arkansas, and bad for the United States of America.”

I would guess Ken Buck is counting on Republicans to prove to Norton that she underestimated their intellect.  

“Ken Buck’s friends at Americans for Job Security deserve the Audacity of Hypocrisy Award. Even as they spend briefcases full of cash to boost the reelection efforts of “Princess Bailout” in Arkansas, they have the audacity to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars praising Ken Buck for opposing those same bailouts.”

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