How can anyone NOT be outraged?


We conservatives are currently braying about how we will “Fire Nancy Pelosi” and “Take Back Congress” and have our “Elephant Stampede” in November.  While I believe we will make gains (provided the Tea Party and GOP each finally come to their senses and embrace one another as family….), I am not sure the gains will be enough to swing even one, let alone both, Houses of Congress to the conservative bend we’d like to see.

With the distance between now and November, my mind simply cannot jump the chasm that would let me see Republicans gaining 35+ seats in the House.   It can happen, but I’m leaving it filed under the word “UNLIKELY”.

The Senate is another matter.  To take a majority, Republicans would have to win 20 of the 33 Senatorial elections held in November.  With the number of “safe” seats up this year this would require the GOP to run the table AND likely have to score at least 2 more upsets.  While not strictly impossible, I think this can be confidently filed under the word “IMPOSSIBLE”.  The fact of the matter is that the partisan environment will look very different next January, but the Democrats are still very likely to remain in charge.

I am saying so, because anger alone may not be enough to carry the momentum Conservatives now have. I know I am angry and that my mind is made up.  I know many of my conservative friends feel the exact same way.  But there are a great many more people who don’t see things our way and there are even more that simply do not care and refuse to think about how blatantly the Government is ignoring the will of those who have weighed in on the Health Insurance Reform issue and are trying to weigh in on the direction of the country

Given those conditions, (along with the unknowns that surround an electoral season) I see the Republicans making gains, but not enough to break up the 1 Party Government that is running D.C..

I foresee roughly a 225 – 210 Democrat majority in the House and a 55 – 45 (maybe 53 –47) Democrat majority in the Senate.  In which case, the remainder of this post will become even more important to keep in mind as we go on apprehensively into this next decade.


With all that stated, let me advance the real point of this blog post.  Even were those congressional roll numbers reversed, it won’t matter, especially over the long term if we Conservatives do not forcefully address what we’re actually dealing with.  There needs to be  clear cut plainly stated reasons of the NEED to be angry.

It’s the current behavioral pattern of the seated majority party that’s the reason why.  We need to understand it, address it, and find a way to alert those people too inattentive to realize that they do not want the Leftist flavors the current Democrat brand is offering.

There is some sense of this already.  I’ve heard people ask why Democrats seem to be in “suicide mode”.  “Don’t they want to keep their jobs?” indicating a willingness to give republicans a chance again.

But, that very question is actually a concise statement that encapsulates a major mistake conservatives made and continue making in dealing with the current crop of Democrats and even more importantly with President Obama, himself.  We’re not taking them, their on record statements or the consequences of their behavior seriously – or at least not seriously enough to clarify our thoughts and focus on a contrary -salable- message that explains exactly why what is going on is dangerous.

We ascribed a sort of emptiness to the “Change” campaign slogan.  The conservative viewpoint is to ask what the word “Change” means.  We looked for a definition to the word as Democrats used it .  We looked for a result (Change into – what?).  We looked for reasons why and how.  In the absence of coherent answers to those questions from any Democrat, we wrote the slogan off as simply more “Blame Bush” stupidity meant mainly to sway those who the media told to be disaffected by the Bush Presidency.

Democrats, on the other hand, heard the slogan as an aspiration to a tangible ever extant thing that needs no presupposition by any idea.  Digest that statement for a moment.  They know they want something without being able to form a coherent explanation of what it was, why they wanted it and what they would to to achieve it – and how far they would go to get it.  This is the “Change” model of the Democrat Party.

My hypothesis is that Democrats see this undefined, undeclared thing, (may as well call it “Utopia”), as within reach and are in the euphoric state one experiences when one truly accepts that taking any and all risks with one’s own life to get it will simply not have consequences.  They know that they will never enjoy these kind of majorities again.  Now is the time to install the agenda that fundamentally changes American society so that it will be skewed heavily toward a Government from the Left, that will keep future iterations of the Party in position to keep chasing the utopian carrot.

The penultimate bull of the Left has become that any Democrat, when elected, has a mandate to “Progress”.  E.G. regardless of consequence, install those parts of the agenda while you have the power that pave the way for future Democrats to make more “Progress”.  Don’t worry about elections.  There will always be Democrats to march toward a Leftist Utopia later should you lose.  Those of them that vote their interests instead will lose the support of Party establishment and resources will be focused on other winnable districts – or more “Change” minded primary challengers.

The Left sees this as the fastest, surest way to create the America that they think they want.  Democrats are NOT in “suicide mode” they are more in a “phoenix mode”.  They do not care whether or not their current people hold office indefinitely.  As long as the “Change” model is advanced, the environment will be more conducive to the election of future Democrats who will advance the “Change” agenda.  the more radical each successive iteration of the Democrat party is after the demolition of the former the better.

The problem is they’re not creating any “America” most of us would call “America”…are they?!?!?!  When this form of political practice has taken hold, it becomes dangerous to the Republic The Founders envisioned.  We become subject to sudden and seismic social and economic upheaval.  The political process falls victim to dilatory and even violent disruption.   And our government will become more and more unresponsive eventually leading to a point where it can become a capricious, unrelenting and insatiable enemy of the People very, very quickly.

How can our constitutional system work when the primary means of political accountability drawn into it is side-stepped?

No, the sky will not fall. There will be no Armageddon.  Not today, not all at once and not with just the passage of the  Health-Care Reform Bill.  But with its passage we have lost some personal sovereignty over our life and health decisions in the interests of the “common good”.

Does anyone, Left or Right, really believe Democrats intend to stop there, especially if this is all validated by only mild mid-term losses?

Between the overwhelming costs and the atrocities that surrounded the birth of the Health Care Reform and the fact that Democrats intend to use the experience as a model for passing future radical legislation, elections be damned!  How can anyone not be outraged?

In the near term, we are really in a dangerous place!  We now have a government poised to to become more and more radical in the name of “getting things done”.  We have a government that is stripping us of our economic power through debt and inflation.  We now have a government that encourages the de-facto marriage of the media to the State.  We now have a government that answers to Party instead of People thereby stripping the same of its constitutionally ordained authority and rendering it voiceless.

…..And this government is growing!

In addition to advancing their own scorched-earth self-liquidating agenda, they will over the long term liquidate the Republic as well.

This is not “scare-tactics”.  This is not an incitement to violence.

I still feel there are political answers.  Consider it just a mildly intellectual case for voting for those who ARE NOT running on the Democrat Party line for the next few election cycles.   The Founders designed the system to go slow.  The Founders designed the system to be both introspective and respectful of the proven patterns of human society through history.

The Founders saw Progress as something to be achieved deliberately and not just for its own sake.  That’s what got us to 1865.  That’s what got us to 1945.  That’s what got us to 2008.  The “Change” model does NOT work and will not even get us to 2016!