How I -really- feel about Barack Obama and what I no longer intend to do about it.

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Sometimes, I just can’t help but write a sermon…..

On behalf of My Mother. My shoe is aimed directly at you Dear Leader!

My father worked Her lands to feed me. My mother taught me Her traditional values to help me grow into a fair, functional, and responsible member of her society and culture. Both of them taught me to respect, revere and cherish Her lest I lose her altogether.

Both of them taught me her values of standing for what is right and what is moral. Both of them taught me to defend the weak, help those who need it in ways the teach them to help themselves, and to rebuke injustice wherever it appears.

Both of them taught me that any service I can give to her is a ten-fold greater in meaning than any that I could ever take from Her. They taught me that Fairness demands that I not ask her to meet my needs to ensure that she can be there to meet the needs of those that need more. They also taught me that no matter how much I might need, there is ALWAYS someone who needs more.

No, they never said those things to me in so many words, but I learned from them. I learned from their example.

I learned from what She made them……

You see, my mother gave birth to the child. America gave birth to the person. America is just as much my mother. I love Her as my mother. I love Her as -more- than my mother. More – because America gave me my mother. America gave me my father,. America gave me my wife and gave me the people I call my friends and family. All of whom molded me into the person I am today. I want the America I know and love to be my childrens’ mother too.

Despite my shortcomings, America gave me the tools to let me become a person I am proud to be. In return I offer my undying love to America and I brim with unabashed pride at being an American. I consider myself a patriot in-the-extreme…..and I can never be anything other……

America is more than my own mother, because America is also YOUR mother. We must convince others that it is time to start treating her like a lady!

I have heard of liberals mocking me as a Christian and as a patriot (and thus mocking conservatives) asking “What would Jesus do?” in order to stupify me into seeing America in their image…on their terms.

What they fail to realize is that there is a fundamental difference between my situation, as a conservative, and Jesus’ situation.

Jesus could forgive his enemies because he had the luxury of hanging from His own Cross. In this instance it is my mother -our mother- that will hang from it. What, indeed, would Jesus do?!

To answer the question, let us review the last, more or less, 18 months of our lives, in particular the last four.

At the risk of digression, I must open with the following: It is, of course, a quaint notion in this day and age that the shortcut to determining a suitor’s worth as a suitor is to witness how he treats his mother.

Well, how did Barack Obama treat his mother? What did we know about it at the beginning? What we knew was that he identified with his absent father. Did it matter that a White woman raised him? Did it matter that any family of consequence he had was White? If we cannot accuse him of rejecting the identity of his mother and her family and at least some of what they stood for, then we are left with something equally (but to my eye, MUCH more) onerous. That is that he exploits his Black half of his racial identity solely for political gain.

Even without those racial overtones, Obama built his public persona openly revererant of his absent father and lionizing a father of his dreams. His mother and her white family were convenient footnotes to the narrative that here he was at last, a viable Black Presidential Candidate ,until the last day of the Democrat National Convention where everything they taught him about his core values was summarized into one razzle-dazzle campaign commercial. Nevertheless, the convention was brilliantly staged. I understand that it’s politics. Politics is a game. The object is to win and the convention is basically a TV show. I looked the other way.

It is, of course, a purely subjective matter to me, but this causes me to inquire as to the chopped liver status of the Dunhams. Either way, using such outdated traditionalist methods, I call into question the worthiness of this person’s claim to four years of leadership.

Going back further:

I looked the other way when Barack Obama refused to where the American flag lapel

I looked the other way when he refused to hold his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. Being of level head, I dismissed these as mere internet rumors.

I looked the other way when I learned of Jeremiah Wright’s ( he is neither “Reverand” nor to be revered…) inflammatory sermons. Sometimes a sermon is just for theatrics….Am I correct?  (…ummmm the one you’re reading now isn’t!)

I looked the other way when it surfaced that Candidate Obama had a more than superficial relationship with the lead Weather Underground terrorist.

I looked the other way when Candidate Obama conveniently cast aside any loyalties to these people once their liability had outweighed their use in ascending him.

I looked the other way when The First Lady in-waiting, who has an envious lifestyle and is successful and weathy by any standard – even White-America’s – declared that only then, at 45 years of age, at the prospect of her husband becoming President, was she proud of a “….downright mean!” America.

I looked the other way when again the First Lady in waiting referred to my people as “whitey”

It became harder to look the other way when Candidate Obama, who, while thinking the microphone is off , in San Francisco refers to my type as “Bitter, Gun-toting, Bible Clinging people who harbor anti-immigrant sentiment” Maybe this was all just “poor word choice” or it was simply “taken out of context”

I found it harder to look the other way when assessing Candidate Obama’s qualifications for the Presidency. This is a man with no ties to the Land. I still don’t know if he is from Kansas, Hawaii, Washington, Indonesia, or Chicago. This is a man who observes no ties to any people save those that can do for him at that given point in time. This is a man with next to no legislative record save for a down the line partisan one. This is a man with no executive experience at all

I found it still harder to look the other way as Candidate Obama made promise, after promise, after promise, after promise that was unfeasible, after promise that the country could never afford, after promises that were politically impossible everywhere he went on the campaign trail and in front of every audience.

It was even harder to look the other way when Candidate Obama opened his heart and bared his soul in front of Joe The Plumber when he told him he wished to “spread the wealth around”

At the same time, I listened to the then Illinois State Senator Obama’s radio interview where his gross misinterpretation of the Constitution made it clear that this is a man with an agenda. It became clear when taken into totality with all that was listed above that this is a person who has not just fundamental, but existential gripes with the America that I know and love.

It became clear that this was a man who was set to do savage things to America should he ever rise to power.

Now that the worst has occurred and Candidate Obama has become President Obama, I can no longer look the other way. I can no longer refer to him in the third person or address his plans for America, Our Mother, as an amorphous horror that exists only in the realm of possiblities.

To you, Mr President. Dear Leader! You have, as of now, lost the benefit on any doubt!

I will no longer look the other way as you refuse to protect innocent life at any stage of development.

I will no longer look the other way as your campaign war chest is financed with funds pledged from the publically funded voter registration wing of the DNC that is ACORN

I will no longer look the other way as I listen to you trumpet your desire to be bipartisan and “change the way Washington works” while your every last political decision is calculated to achieve maximum blast damage against the opposing party.

I will no longer look the other way as you promise to cut taxes for 95% of the American people while contriving the most insidiously regressive new tax plans that will ultimately increase the levy on all taxpayers in order to finance the Left-Wing dystopia that is your vision of America.

I will no longer look the other way as you borrow unrepayable sums of money to remake a Nation in the image that you and those of your ilk deem “Just” or “Fair”. Those words are meaningless when mouthed by deceivers and curses on the lips of traitors like you.

I will no longer look the other way as I listen to you attempt to talk down to us when it comes to issues of race while, through the practice of 100% pure identity politics, backhanding the Republicans with the ultimate political dare in making your first Supreme Court appointment.

I will no longer look the other way as you allow your cultists to bludgeon anyone that has questions of this appointee’s intentions with the weapons that you yourself have deemed unholy when you appointed yourself Our Post-Racial Loving Father.

I will no longer look the other way as you try to leverage yourself politically with the uncounted millions who have illegally invaded our soil and claimed rights not due to them in the larceny of the rights of those who are American by birthright or who became Americans by choice following all those rules that were fairly legislated in the past.

I will no longer look the other way as you attempt to open our borders to an uneducated horde that wishes neither to speak our language, or to accept our laws as the rightful owners of THIS Nation, or to pay taxes into it, or become one with us in unity of society and culture, yet still wish to benefit from the largesse you would display with the public wealth in order to buy their loyalty as Democrats.

I will no longer look the other way as you have willingly allowed your party to mistake your election victory as a mandate to ram through a nihilistic social agenda. The electorate did not choose you and your radical ilk to redefine the word “marriage” or legalize narcotics or balkanize a this Nation in order to simply mint new Democrats

I will no longer look the other way as you willing assume the mantle of the most Anti-Christian President of our time

I will no longer look the other way as you seek to implement job-killing environmental policies that serve only to transfer wealth to regimes that are at best, ungrateful for our efforts or otherwise outright enemies of The United States or its global interests.

I will no longer look the other way as you betray our only reliable ally in the Middle East. Just who do you think you are to turn your back on one of the most absolute imperatives of the Founders of this Nation; that we are to be the Fountain of Democracy and all its outpourings everywhere on Earth?

I will no longer look the other way as you damn the military and intelligence apparatus of this Nation to the whims of the ACLU. Your criticism of the prior President and the actions your party has taken with your tacit permission toward persecuting those who did what was necessary to protect us is utterly sinister.

I will no longer look the other way as you “negotiate” your way into a nuclear capable Iran and North Korea all the while depriving our fighting men the budget necessary to protect us from these emerging threats to global stability and security.

I will no longer look the other way as you substitute blame of the preceding President for the promise of Leadership that you have broken along with the untold other promises you made before the mindless throng ,who seek nothing more than a handout from the government, threw aside all common sense in order to cast votes for you.

I will no longer look the other way as you refuse, out of either expedience, or comraderie with them or outright cowardice to stand up to Islamo-facism, the greatest external existential threat this Nation faces in the post Cold War era

I will no longer look the other way as the majority party of the Legislative abdicates its Constitutional duty in deference to your agenda in order to wed itself to the Executive so that one single person may control all public policy matters within the ever-growing jurisdiction of The Federal Government.

It is that very point, mixed with the dangerously irresponsible and grievous content of your agenda, that now represent the greatest internal existential threats this Nation faces!

Dear Leader!   Each of the above, especially that last, is an act of murder against My Mother! She will never rise from the ashes in which you will leave her.

Each is an act of a thing that crawls on its belly, not a man who walks on two feet!

(……The stench of brimstone permeates from between the tele-prompters. My head is now no longer anything close to level…….)

It is of record that you learned at the knees of Hate-Mongers, Home Grown Terrorists and Left Wing rabble-rousers. That you are a conceited, dangerous and subtle liar of the highest order makes the inference obvious that you have also supplicated at the cloven hooves of the Demonic.

Guile is your only truth. You are prompt only in your hatred of America as it is. We can rely on you only to waver. You are the candy-bearing stranger who encounters my children in my waking nightmares. You are a pimp presenting yourself in the guise of a prophet.

It speaks multitudes that I, who as a God-fearing man tries to find the good in everyone, can react to you in such a way that I can ascribe nothing good in you, your intentions or anything you offer.

I will no longer look the other way. Not now! Not anymore! Not ever!

You have stuck your forked tongue in my direction too many times for me to do anything other than recognize you for the ultimate Damnation that you represent. Your entreaties ring to me as a sickening din of hisses and rattles. The agenda you propose for our Nation is the same as what Satan offered Jesus in exchange for His embrace: a course plot straight into perdition.

From this moment forward, I reject you! I reject you and all of your empty promises! I reject you and all of your works!

My oath is that one way or other, and in all ways within my legal and political power, I will push back! I will push back on every level.  I will NO LONGER look the other way!!!!

As Conservatives, our charge is to preserve those things which make America great. It is a charge from which we will NEVER shrink. Even in defeat, we will NEVER accept it. Put plainly, we will not stop coming after you!

Consider yourself on notice. You now have our attention. We do not fear you! We do not accept the shortcuts back to relevance that you offer us! We do not accept your write-off of the task to re-build the Conservative agenda as “un-doable”

If you intend to execute Our Mother, we WILL do what Jesus would do.

We will crush you beneath our feet!

…..I feel sooooo much better!!!