And....It begins.....!

This was picked up from Michelle Malkin:

The Messiah has yet to be sworn in and the Harry Reid has already started aiming in the Democrat skill crane on one of the big prizes in the Liberal Left Looney-Bin:  Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are again visited by the “Bad Idea that Will Not Die”.  If any of you believe that this attempt will be like the 2 of these that were tried in 2006 and 2007 respectively, then, boy and howdy,  do I have news for you.!

I offer the the unqualified prediction that when this attempt succeeds, it will be even slimmer on enforcement provisions than those two were.  It will include less guarantee of the enforcement provisions it does include. Those facets will guarantee a disaster of unparalleled proportions.

And, be assured that succeed it will, as it will be low-hanging fruit for President Obama and His Democrat colleagues.  They desperately want a legislative success.  They definitely want to cement their new found political dominance.  They definitely want to prove to the American people (even all those newly minted legal aliens….) that they are doing  –something– anything– to solve the Nation’s problems.  Making this problem worse is just a technicality.

If there is any one single issue where Republicans MUST show solidarity in obstructing the Democrat agenda, it is this one.  Allowing an Amnesty will not only destroy the Republican party it will destroy the Nation as we know it.

There are other ways to reach out to Hispanics than throwing weight behind terrible ideas that only serve the interests of the other party.

I invite and welcome comment on the matter.