My letter to Sen Warner (D-VA) re: Syria

I wrote this to Sen Warner (D-VA) who according to the Washington Post (thanks Jake) is in the undecided column. Virginia’s other Senator- Tim Kaine, will vote however Obama tells him to, and increasingly my congresscritter Eric Cantor (R-VA) is lost to me, and does the same. I miss being represented by Randy Forbes (R-VA), but unfortunately I moved out of his district.


Senator Warner,

I’m writing to you today to express my hope that you vote against authorization for the president to strike Syria without a specific strategic goal.

The current plans being floated to “retaliate” for chemical weapons use ultimately do nothing to dissuade the use of chemical weapons again, nor do they limit casualties, or support the moderate Christian rebel groups who might set up a friendly government should they prevail.

A limited airstrike of chemical weapons facilities, air defense capabilities, and air superiority assets sounds initially attractive, as American lives are not at stake. But what are the results? Attacking the chemical weapons themselves could lead to their disbursement in the surrounding area. With the amount of telegraphing of our intentions, Assad has had plenty of time to move them anyway, as well has his air assets. Who gets killed when cruise missiles fall on Syria? Not die hard Assad supporters or Assad himself. Likely luckless conscripts or civilian human shields that Assad has placed near his assets. What is the end game? Take away the chemical weapons or deter their use and allow the multi-way civil war to proceed with conventional weapons? How is that humanitarian? Assad will not lay down his arms if we destroy his chemical weapons. Even if he does, there are still several groups vying for control of Syria, with varying degrees of hostility to us.

The United States, and the nations of the world should come to an accord to either stop the civil war through intervention, or allow it to proceed and provide humanitarian aid to the refugees and victims. To halfway intervene and then go back to the sidelines helps no one, and only alienates the people who continue to lose friends and family members to this war.

Thank you for your time.


Will post a reply if I get one. Don’t hold your breath.