My View of America

In a recent online conversation with a friend, I was asked how I viewed America. I responded with “the America I believe in.” I just thought I’d repost it here for all to see.

I believe in America as the Founders did. A strong nation full of strong people. A nation of rugged individualism mixed with a strong notion of community or togetherness. I believe in an America that values a single unified culture, forged from all cultures, as opposed to multiculturalism. I believe in an America where education and hard work count for more than quotas and set-asides. An America where honor, dignity, respect, liberty and freedom are more than catch-phrases and campaign slogans. I believe in an America that values self-reliance and personal responsibility. I believe in an America that respects life, but is not afraid to make the hard decision on dealing with those that don’t. An America that punishes criminals and doesn’t vilify those citizens that choose to arm themselves against those criminals. I believe in an America that looks to inner strength in hard times as opposed to looking for a hand out. I believe in an America that respects those of all faiths and expects those of other faiths, or no faith, to return that respect. An America that judges not by the color of skin, or religion, or gender, but by actions taken and words spoken. I believe in an America that respects and honors its military instead of portraying them as thugs and murderers. I believe in an America that respects the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and respects those that wrote it. I believe in an America, and Americans, that lead by both word and deed.

I make no apologies for the fact that I believe in a conservative America. And the best description I’ve ever seen of conservatism is this:
1) Respect for the Constitution
2) Respect for life
3) Smaller gov’t
4 Personal responsiblity

I believe that if you look at the writings of the Founding Fathers and at the documents they penned that created this country, you will find that these four core principles are clearly evident. It is these principles that our country was based upon and it’s that America that I believe in.