Creating Another Federal 'Czar'

Last I checked this Country was still a Representative Constitutional Republic form of Government and under that circumstance the People are the Sovereign’s of this Country not the President, The Congress, nor the Judicial Branch of the Government.

So I pose this Question: Why is it that when “We the People” say no the sitting Government totally ignores us, resulting to name calling like a bunch of School Yard kids.

I am real tired of petitioning My Government Representatives for a redress of grievance and get nothing but a Form letter in response, that is very condescending, saying don’t worry all will be OK. Well all is not OK, the Government has totally ignored the wishes of the people, and Bailed out the Housing Market, the Banking Industry, the Auto Industry, and forced Cap and Trade, on us as if we were to ignorant to understand that it is nothing more than a response to yet another scam, of Global Warming, with no true science to backup their claim, and now they are trying to shove Government Controlled Health care on us.

I’m not sure but these actions are a Breach of their Oath of Office, (which is not a punishable offence although it should be) total disregard of Article I Section 8 of the Constitution, by these actions I would thing we could demand they step down from office, a recall Vote with replacement by a Person that understands that “WE THE PEOPLE” are the Sovereign’s of this Country not Obama and all his Chicago Thugs, now serving as czars, and he wants to appoint yet another as the Czar over his Health Care Reform Package, which the American people do not want the Government in Control of.