Spell K-G-B

Obama has promised that he will:

  1. Cut investments in “unproven” missile defense systems.
  2. Slow the development of future combat systems.
  3. Not develop new nuclear weapons.

How insipid can this man be? For the first three days of the Russian invasion of Georgia Obama referred to the need to “talk”. McCain was instantly supportive of Georgia.

With Russia on the offensive, Putin’s KGB background, and Obama’s desire to “talk” almost everything out before making a decision, what will he do if we have another 9-11 type incident? Talk about it? What if Russia invades eastern Europe? Will he delay three days? That’s long enough for any aggressor nation with the technology to confiscate large portions of Europe. Russia has made NO promise to forgo nuclear weapon development. And as WWII showed very clearly, the best way to have a war is have unilateral arms development.

With oil revenue from recent years Russian spending on weapons systems has risen dramatically. Considering this latest aggressive move by Russia, is Obama really the guy we want in the White House? As long as he continues to show that he’s brain-dead soft on international military issues, I don’t want him there. He probably can’t even spell K-G-B.


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