I Have Had Enough

I only post during this season of primaries.  In 2008, I wrote in support of Fred Thompson.  In 2012, I wrote in support of Rick Perry.  In 2016 I write in support of Conservatism and the dwindling party of Reagan.  I am so disgusted by the flat out disregard of Conservative principles of the so called right of our Country.  I feel I have been abused, ridiculed and disregarded by the populous ill informed majority that wishes to  abandon all sense of self preservation, decency, and moral compass to elect a despicable, self loathing, egotistical, maniacal, narcissistic, and all around douche-bag of a person for the republican nomination.  Donald Trump is pathetic silver spoon, politically expedient charlatan, and leader wanna-be that must be stopped NOW to save our great Country.  To the people of this great country…. open your eyes.  Look at Trump’s background.  Look at his friends.  He will say one thing and his actions say another.  Take your freaking BLINDERS off.  Being BLINDED gave us Barack Hussein Obama.

Ted Cruz is my first choice to do take on this endeavor.  However, I am totally comfortable with Marco Rubio as he continues to take on this most important and worthy task.  We must together take this Umpa Lumpa out for the future of your children and selfishly for the future of my children.  Please sirs, Cruz and Rubio do this necessary and vital task for our Republic.  This is now our greatest threat upon the threshold of winning the hearts and minds of Conservatives and those who may not even  know they are Conservative in their ideology.  Educate, instruct, deliberate, and advance the principles of Liberty, Freedom, Life, and Individual Responsibility.

I also have a plea to Dr. Carson and Gov. Kasih,  please drop out of the race.  Your values are strong but you are not getting the support you need.  It is not your time.  In honor of this great country put us first and suspend your candidacy so Cruz or Rubio can start picking up some steam.

In other words, and very specifically, we must take out the fraud that is Donald Trump.  I have had enough and I am tired.  However, as wearisome as I and some of you may be we must fight on together.  Together we have made so much progress in the last few years advancing the idea of conservatism, let’s not have this progress be in vain.  Fight, fight, fight, and fight because we can not and must not lose this war let alone anymore battles for the greatest Country the world has ever known.

When Conservatives unite, Conservatives Win.  Cruz and Rubio Conservatives must unite and we must win together.  Cruz/Rubio or Rubio Cruz, I think I speak for many Conservatives either order is a win win for the Republic.  Take that to heart.