A Plea From the Heart to Governor Perry

Now is not the time to quit. You are not a spoiler. Newt can win SC on his own. You can come in second or third. You have seen it for yourself in the crowds that have come to see you in SC. When Newt wins SC it will be a three man race. The voters are turning away from Santorum. You can come in second or third place then Florida will be the new battle ground. You are the only true TEA PARTY candidate. Erick is going against his own strategic advice. This is a marathon not a sprint. When Newt beats Romney in SC it is a whole new ballgame. Hang in there and keep up the great job in the debates. You will win this in the end. This is the absolute definition of faith. There is a certain motto I like to live by and it is this: “Faith and Patience”. If you have both you will endure till the end.

Governor Perry, you are the only one in the race with the record to take down Obama.  As you are well aware the Lord puts us all through the fire to make the best of us rise to the top.  This is why many of us are wholeheartedly behind you.  You have been through the fire and you will rise to the top.  As I say consistenly to my players, keep on plugging.  You will win this.  Please don’t give in or give up.  The United States of America deserves better and the The USA deserves you as its next President.  I and many others are with you till the end.

Faith and Patience.

God’s Speed Brother Perry!