Sent this a couple of days ago to Senator McConnell. Too Harsh?

Senator McConnell,

I regret the tone I have to use here but my duty as a Patriotic American Citizen requires it.  Sir, if  you do not fight this leftist President and his horrendous policies that will leave our great Country bankrupt and threatened I will do everything financially in my power to make sure you are not sent back to Washington.  The people want this country back from a treasonous media and the well intentioned but incredibly damaging Centrists and Leftists.  Therefore, we will begin to take it back at the ballot box next primary season.  To help you avoid this, I will use an illustration from my home state of South Carolina.  Start leading and fighting for our conservative constitutional principles like Senator Jim DeMint.  Do not compromise our founding principles for the sake of getting something done like Senator Lindsay Graham.  It is not action for the sake of action that people are demanding take place in Washington.   It is common sense political action that we want.  For example, secure the borders before passing immigration reforms.  Or cut taxes to stimulate our economy instead of throwing out money to everyone and their brother.  Blocking bad legislation is your duty as minority leader.  After observing this man and his minute record the past two years I can confidently say that any policy that is offered by this President is bad legislation.


On a personal note, even though I am the great grandson of a former U.S. Senator of Ohio and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee I equate myself as just an average citizen.  Being a public school teacher and football coach I am about as “Average Joe” as you can get. However, as with millions of other “Average Joe’s” out there, I have been blessed with an enormous amount of common sense.  Common sense tells me you don’t waste more money when you are already in debt.  It also tells me that you don’t sit back and let your country go to hell in a hand basket without a fight.  Conservatism is hard sir.  Liberalism is easy.  As we all know what ever is hard to do in the end is worth doing.  The ease way “liberalism” is never ever prosperous and extremely damaging.  Please fight Senator and get all other Congressional Republicans in the fighting mood as well. 


Again, I more than likely should not be using this tone but these are the crossroads our great Country is facing at this time.  Average Americans are fed up and we are going to start fighting back at the ballot box.   For those Congressional Republicans that decide to “bridge the partisan divide” and not fight for our Country, its ideals, and founding principles, do not expect to go back to Washington.  Personally, my pocketbook will open and deliver to all Conservative Republicans nationally and their primary challenges.  I have an easy template to follow in the actions of Jim DeMint.  The candidates that most closely resemble him in their actions and words will get my money and support.


In closing sir, I am quite confident that I am not alone.   You may take personal offense with my remarks but quite frankly I don’t give a damn.  My country is too important to me and to my children who will inherit it.   If my wife and I want our children to grow up in a European country then we will move there.   However, we like millions of other Americans do not want that.  We want our three boys to grow up in the United States of America, the greatest country on the face of the Earth that man has ever known.   The actions of Republicans right now will determine what this country will resemble in the future.   In the last 100 years the amount of socialism and fascism that has crept into this country little by little is astounding.   Senator how much more are you and your peers willing to let come in and how fast?   Please ponder this question with all of the seriousness it deserves.  Literally, millions of Americans are counting on you and your minority party status to defend the American way of life.  Fight the good fight sir.


With a hopeful abundance of future respect and gratitude,


Simeon David Fess