Who Wants to Lead? Anyone? Anyone at All?

Is has become increasingly clear to me that John McCain has zero political courage unless it deals with an issue going against his own party. He is a patriot and a good man but let’s be honest his political courage has been on display this past week and it is non-existent. He seems to be following W’s path of taking the high road and staying above the fray. Boy hasn’t that worked out well for W. I don’t know how many I speak for but in my opinion W’s poll numbers would be much higher if he fought back against the Democrats and the MSM (see Katrina). Americans like winners, fighters, and underdogs. We will always rally around them. We don’t like to lose and hate to tie. This is not a normal time in our Country or in politics. We are engaged in a once in a lifetime political war. We all know that in war you either win or lose. You don’t tie (see bipartisanship). A majority of Americans are Conservative and they want Liberalism defeated once and for all. This is the time, issue, and opportunity to do just that. I and many others are just sitting here waiting for someone at the top to ride into town, take Liberalism by the throat and kicks it outdated, dangerous, and incorrect premise to the curb permanently. Literally, our Country as we know it is at stake. To me this is not an exaggeration.

What has become enormously frustrating to me and I believe many others, is that we are losing this war. Frustrating may not be strong enough of word because we are losing a war with the truth and facts on our side. Just like Katrina the truth and facts of our current “crisis” plainly spell out the root cause of this problem was created and fostered along by Democrats. However, our leader of our party will not point this out and hammer it home. WHY?