Middle Class Manifesto I (Leadership)

I am going to say a few things about leadership. Leadership is so very important in life. Whether you are leading your family, leading a sports team, leading your employees at work, or even leading the country; these things lie at the heart of success. The lack of leadership from our president has been astounding. It is no secret, I am a staunch conservative. History has shown that capitalism has driven the United States of America to be the greatest country that has ever existed. On the other end of the spectrum, socialism has been the ruin of all empires. The United States has flourished because it was founded, not by professional politicians, but by true leaders. They were escaping religious persecution from a tyrant despot that wanted to control their property, their success, and their very existence.

The United States has changed so much since the time of our founding fathers. This is because political influence leads to power, and power when not checked and balanced becomes an awful thing. True leadership comes from those who are innovative and take their innovation and execute. They do it by presenting a plan and gaining approval from their peers. What is striking with our president is that in the three years that he has been in office, he has not come up with a single idea to make our economy stronger, our country more secure, or our quality of life better.

I do not have anything against President Obama personally. He may be a very nice and gentle person. However, in the past three years he has put us back in a cold war, he has spent our money instead of allowing us to best decide how it should be spent, and he has continued to create an environment of doubt and insecurity in the global markets. I do not believe that he respects the office of the presidency. This is evidenced by seeing pictures of him talking to his advisors while he has his feet propped up on the Resolute desk in the Oval office, which belongs to us…the citizens of this great country. This is just one example of his impropriety and disrespect for the office of the presidency.

I have started writing these little “middle class manifestos” because I am tired of keeping this to myself. I watch news all of the time. I watch it from both sides. I consider myself a conservative, but there are certain things on the left that I feel strongly about as well. However, the most important thing at this time is that we must understand that the lack of leadership by our President is the result of what we are all living in now. We have all witnessed over the past few years that leadership does not start at the top office of our government, it starts at the local level. Real leaders will work tirelessly to make sure that they accomplish what they set out to do. Our country did not become great by one person telling everyone what to do. Our country became great because for the first time in the history of mankind, each individual citizen had the right, duty, honor, freedom, and capability to become their own person…to become their own leader.

I wish everyone in the world would read this and meditate on what I am saying. I am no one special, I am just a normal person who gets up and goes to work everyday whether I feel like it or not. I do this because I want to feel like I contribute to the greater good of society. Some of you know that I have not always been that person. But I now understand that we all have an obligation to work for the common good of our country. And that does not mean that the best way to show our patriotism is to pay more taxes. What I mean is that we have an obligation to stop taking our freedom for granted and that we must use the freedom that we have to honor those that have made freedom possible for us…to honor and respect our fellow neighbor. We can only do this by working as hard as we can individually for the good of those around us and the result will be that we will all be in a place where we can really assist each other. Everyone that is capable to work should be working. Stop feeling like someone owes you something. I have never met a successful person that felt like they were owed something. We must quit feeling sorry for ourselves because we do not have the “best new thing” that is out. I will guarantee you this, when you are lying on your death bed; you will not be lying there saying, “man, I had all these houses, and cars, and boats.” You will be lying there wondering, “was I a good husband or wife, was I a good father or mother to my children, or was I a good person and am I leaving this world in a better place than when I came into it?”

Leadership starts with us. We can look at our President and see that since his inauguration he has not come up with a single idea that has made things better. In fact, he hasn’t come up with any ideas at all. I think that our President is a great example of what NOT to do to be a leader. I say this without malice or intent to bring any harm to him. I would just like to see him start leading by giving direction instead of giving orders. If our own president cannot be innovative then what does that say for the state of our Union to the rest of the world? It is time to put a stop to this president. We have a little over a year before it is time to vote. Think about what he has done (or not done) during his first term. Can we really afford another four years of this. I am not sure we can make it another year like this. The damage is close to irreparable. If you are not that involved with politics, start paying attention. Leadership starts with you. We must all gain a knowledge to understand what choices we make and how they will affect those around us as well as our country as a whole. Why don’t we start leading instead of sitting idly by and allowing our country to be blown back to the stone ages.

-Clay Myers