Hollywood: The Left's Not-So-Secret Weapon

Over the last 50 years, we have seen the steady increase in the use of mainstream entertainment media as a vehicle for promulgating Left-Wing views. Liberal personalities like John Stewart or Stephen Colbert routinely take liberties with the facts to advance their agenda.

However, the influence of such openly leftist personalities pales in comparison to the power of the relentless repetition of liberal viewpoints in mainstream media films and television, particularly dramatic TV shows. Students of propaganda learned this long ago. Even the Nazi’s discovered that bluntly attacking Jews in political ads did not have nearly the same effect as inserting subtly anti-Semitic themes and commentary within an otherwise benign story-line of entertainment films.

Think about it. How many characters on TV ever mention going to church? Now compare that to the number of characters who are openly atheist (“The Good Wife”). Ditto gun owners. Half of all American homes have at least one firearm. But in the world of television, gun ownership seems limited to cops and street gangs. On the rare occasion when a “civilian” character owns a gun, they are portrayed either as a “flag-waving Tea Party member” or an inept moron who accidentally shoots themselves or a family member.

Just a few weeks ago, the TV series, “Scandal” featured one of the most thoroughly anti-gun rants by the show’s fictional American President. Using a fictional “Sandy Hook” type of shooting incident, he uses his entire State of the Union address to come out against guns. Here are just a few quotes:

“…thousands of people last year who lost their lives in a completely avoidable way.

The right to bear arms was set in stone in the Constitution by our founding fathers… so was slavery, by the way.

The right to bear arms is indisputable… until the shooter comes in. Until you’re Lisa Elliott covered in blood, watching a little girl take her last breath. Watching the life go out of her eyes.

And that… that is where the arguments ends. That is when the debate is over.

How many other people’s children are we going to let die before we put a stop to this?”

But if you want to see a piece of Hollywood propaganda that Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels would envy, watch the latest episode of the popular forensics crime show, “Bones” They manage to stuff just about every imaginable false liberal cliche about conservatives in a single episode, including the victim who is a “right wing” radio talk show host (who has a personal “Dominatrix”), a listener who is a “white supremecist” who “once attacked a Muslim,” derisive comments about anyone who doesn’t go along with “climate change” and of course, the usual politically correct comments by the major characters on “women’s rights” etc.

The episode is Season 10, Episode 3, and is called, “The Purging of the Pundit” – DVD it, go to On-Demand, or search for a link that allows viewing of the entire episode, but however you do it, you really NEED to watch this….

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