Why the Left Hates "Duck Dynasty"

The hypocritical outrage over Duck Dynasty’s patriarch (that word alone drives liberals apoplectic) by the likes of Charlie Sheen and Jesse Jackson should come as no surprise. The American Left has always been uncomfortable with religious people (other than fanatical Muslim jidadists), and they especially despise Christians. About the only time liberals jump on board with religion is when they attempt to use it to justify the mammoth welfare state.

But Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality were merely a convenient excuse to attack a show that liberals already hated, albeit for a variety of other reasons. It’s not that complicated. Liberals like their reality shows featuring utterly dysfunctional “families” filled with angry, unhappy, people, preferably including numerous cheating spouses, foul-mouthed adults (and children) who need to be “bleeped” almost every third word. Throw in an unmarried pregnant woman, someone addicted to drugs, and ideally, at least one gay and/or “transgendered” character.

Naturally, being divorced is the preferred condition of any major parental figure (the term “single mom” is a virtual badge of honor to liberals). An intact family featuring an actual married couple is simply unacceptable (unless it’s a gay couple, of course).  No, liberals vision of the “typical American family” makes no room for what used to be called a “traditional” family. And God forbid (to coin a phrase) that parents and children (or anyone else) actually get along.

So, along comes “Duck Dynasty” with, of all things, a group of people who clearly love and respect each other, where all of the families have two parents, and their children are (gasp!) actually respectful of the adults in their lives. And the family aspect spills over into their work life – even the employees of the Robertsons’ wildly successful company are treated like family. They get along. They work together. They play together (a lot). And without the kind of back-stabbing, envious cat-fighting that is the hallmark of so many “reality” shows.

But it is what happens at the end of each episode that really drives liberals insane.  The “Duck Dynasty” crew, family and employees alike, sit down for a formal dinner, at the beginning of which Phil, the head of the Robertson clan, commits the most unforgivable sin of all (in the world of liberalism, that is)…he says a prayer over their meal.

Oh, the horror! You see, in liberal America, you can advocate promiscuity and misogyny (“Two and a Half Men”) or simply foul-mouthed stupidity (“Jersey Shore”) but should you dare to say a prayer, you will be attacked with unrestrained hostility by those on the Left. We have gone so far off the track, that a group of people who work hard for a living, achieve the American dream, and who love and take care of each other, are somehow fair game for the vicious attack dogs of the Left.