"Knock-Out" Spin. Suddenly, Aggravated Assault is...a "Game!"

After trying to ignore the growing “Knock-Out” phenomenon, where violent black street thugs attack random white people, the liberal media predictably tries to excuse the violence, by using an almost laughable premise: that we shouldn’t get upset because “black youth have always been violent.” See Ann Coulter’s column in Human Events:


But the larger issue is the ongoing practice of the media to continually apply a double-standard when it comes to violent crime. To illustrate this, just imagine the following:

Gangs of white youths roam the streets, picking almost exclusively black victims for violent attacks, “blind-siding” their targets with vicious punches to the face, resulting serious injury, and death in some cases. The attackers even use their cell-phones to video-record the incidents. Further investigation uncovers the fact that the perpetrators have even come up with a name for their “game” – “Coon Hunting” or “Monkey Hunting” for example.

Now, what kind of coverage do you think THAT sort of mayhem would receive? (For you uninformed voters, this is what is called a rhetorical question.) We all know that without a doubt, the press would be screaming from the rooftops for a “special committee” on “racial violence” and the airwaves would be saturated with “panel discussions” on how to deal with this “growing threat of racial violence.” Reporters would somberly ask (furrowed brow required) whether the attacks were indications of some “growing white supremacist” movement. Oh, the horror!

Yet we actually do have unimpeachable proof that gangs of black youths are randomly attacking white victims, even recording their escapades on video, and openly boasting of going “Polar Bear hunting” (a barely disguised slang term for white people). But in spite of all this factual data, the press dutifully gives it as little attention as possible, and when they do, they carefully avoid any reference to the obvious racial component of the attacks. Many avoid showing the actual videos of the assaults at all.

But the most disturbing aspect of the press coverage is that, since the attackers happen to be blacks targeting whites, the journalism profession has decided that what is clearly aggravated assault is now a…game.

Game? These “youths” have killed people. It’s not a game. It is violence, pure and simple, and blatantly racist violence at that. But the media persist in avoiding the obvious racist aspect of the attacks. Even supposedly conservative pundits have been loathe to confront the racial element, apparently terrified that someone just might call THEM racist for daring to suggest a racial motive for the assaults.

But unless and until we confront the reality that the overwhelming majority of violent crime in America is committed by young, black males, we will never be able to make our streets as safe as they could, and should, be.