It's the Obamacare, Stupid!

Focusing on the website misses the larger point, that Obamacare itself is the problem. Thus, making it more ‘efficient’ would be like making the Holocaust more efficient – in both cases, it merely accelerates the imposition of a horrible result.

Can you imagine if, during the time of Lincoln, the primary argument against slavery were that the procedures for “processing” slaves wasn’t “efficient” enough?

And I’ve never heard those who oppose the death penalty do so on the basis that the procedure is “too complicated” or “inefficient.” No, they do it on moral grounds.

But once again, Republicans are presented with a golden opportunity to make a stark contrast between themselves and Democrats. And once again, they flail and flounder, playing right into Obama’s and the Democrats’ hands.

Obamacare is the perfect example of tyrannical liberal fascism. Kathleen Sebelius and others who support the ACA enthusiastically endorse having the government tell YOU what sort of insurance you are ALLOWED to purchase. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if even one Republican were to ask Ms. Sebelius, “Madam, just who the hell do you think you are to tell Americans what they can or cannot do in their own private lives?”

Sure, it could happen. Tomorrow. Next week. But I’m not holding my breath…