Why is Everything a "Weird Trick" Today?

I know you’ve seen them, those pop-ups on your computer screen promising everything from lower electric bills to increased libido. And always, the “secret” is a “weird trick” that you must learn to cash in. And now I’ve even begun to hear them on radio ads, most recently promising to let you in on a “weird trick” that allows you to use a “loophole” to obtain “$100,000 in extra Social Security” funds.

Which begs the question, what is it about the words “weird” and “trick” that convince people to check out the offers? Obviously, these words must work, or they wouldn’t be using them now more than ever. But why would they be effective? Whenever I see one of these ads, I write it off as some sort of scam. So, what is it about that phrase that induces (presumably) many people to investigate them further?

I could speculate that since the left-wing media has spent the last 40 years demonizing successful people, those who have little in the way of talent, drive and ambition love to rationalize their own failures by telling themselves that “the rich” must have done something underhanded (a trick?) to achieve their success.

But why the word “weird” is effective eludes me. Strange…