Had Enough Yet? Confronting the Reality of Black-on-White Racist Violence

The latest example of black-on-white violence should enrage anyone, regardless of their racial background. An 89 year old veteran of World War II (who happened to be white) is savagely beaten by black “youths” for no conceivable reason (as if there could possibly BE any reason for what these scumbags did). He ultimately died of his injuries. Think about that for a moment. A man who survived combat in the Pacific winds up dying at the hands of the very people he risked his life to defend.

Note how the story is handled at CNN (which describes the attackers only as “juveniles” or “teens”) compared to the second link, “The Blaze” (Glenn Beck’s Internet based news outlet):



This vicious act was not an anomaly. It comes hard on the heels of a number of similar violent outbursts by young black males against victims who were doing nothing to warrant such assaults. The young Australian shot to death in Oklahoma was such an attack. Oh, wait! We’re supposed to believe that since one of the trio who killed him just happened to be a white kid, “race” had nothing to do with the crime. Sure.

But perhaps the most vile, despicable, and horrific tale of black-on-white crime occurred in 2007 in Tennessee. This brutal kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder of a young, white couple was at the hands of five BLACK attackers (4 young males and, astonishingly, a female). As a result, it was barely even mentioned by the “Old Media” (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc). Only now is it being covered at all, but once again, only by the “New Media” :


Now, had the identical crime happened to a young, BLACK couple at the hands of WHITE attackers, this story would have been “top-of-the-fold” in every newspaper in America, and the parents of the victims would have appeared on every morning “news” show for weeks on end. Race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be screaming from the rooftops. But a white couple? Simply “not newsworthy” (read: “it doesn’t advance our liberal agenda”).

Meanwhile, in the mythical world of Hollywood, such “real world” events have been the grist of movie and television script-writers. However, they have more often than not “remanufactured” the events to give a very different impression to the viewer. For example, in an upcoming episode of  “Law and Order” they seem to be going for a propaganda “two-fer” – they will have a “Paula Deen” type character shoot a “teenager” who is likened to Trayvon Martin.

One has no difficulty in imagining how these two fictional characters will be portrayed. Odds are that the “Paula Deen” character will be a racist with a Southern accent, and the “Trayvon” clone will be an absolute angel who rescues puppies (wearing a “hoodie” of course). This is not some simple case of art imitating life. No, it is nothing less than propaganda. And it infects almost every TV show (and most movies) that flood the airwaves and our theaters. So, if you ever wondered why your liberal friends have the views they do, this is one of the big reasons. 

But the real issue is how long the rest of us are going to tolerate the media’s casual acceptance of black-on-white violence. And what about the offenders themselves? The miserable pieces of garbage who killed the young couple in Tennessee do not even qualify for the label “human” by any sane definition of the term. They are animals. Hell, they’re worse than animals. If ever a case cried out for “Frontier Justice” this one does.

A needle in the arm is not merely sufficient. And life in prison without parole (but with Internet, Cable TV, and a weight room) is almost an insult to the victims. Unfortunately, the only forms of punishment that might approach something called “justice” would not even be legal.

These events have reminded me of the “Code of the West” (which, in 2011, was officially enshrined in the Wyoming Constitution). The last of the tenets is the one that strikes me as most applicable to the situation we now face:

“Know Where to Draw the Line.”

Well, do ya…punk?