Anatomy of a Rape - Oregon 911 Call

This story should anger anyone, regardless of their political views. Simply put, a woman called 911 because an intruder was attempting to break into her home. The 911 operator’s conversation with the victim is nothing short of astounding – after informing the frightened woman that there were no law enforcement personnel available to answer the call, she suggests that the woman “ask the man to leave”…ask the man to leave?!?!


Even worse is that the Democrat dominated state’s officials immediately blamed the event on “budget cuts” and a lack of “funding” from the Federal government:

The Sheriff’s Department blamed the lack of resources due to recent public funding cuts. “There isn’t a day go by that we don’t have another victim,” said Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson. In Josephine County, 80 percent of sheriff’s deputies lost their jobs when the cuts were made. The few that remain cannot respond to emergency calls during the evening or on weekends.

Not surprisingly, it took a local woman NOT involved in politics to ask the  obvious question:

“How is it that there were no officers available to assist the woman who was about be raped, but they did have officers available to go and arrest the man after the rape? The police department should be sued for their failure to protect a tax paying citizen,” Julia Mason, 28, of Portland, Oregon said after she was asked what she thought about the police who failed to help a woman who was about to become a rape victim.

In reality, situations like this are a direct result of years of liberal politics. The logging industry in Oregon has been devastated by restrictions imposed by left-wing environmentalists. And for what? To protect some silly birds. The result is that the policies have been costing jobs and damaging the local economies in many areas.

Naturally, tax revenues declined along with the sagging economy. Now, it is bad enough that so many people do not connect the dots between liberal policies and the resulting problems, but why is it that whenever cuts have to be made, they are never to food stamp and welfare programs, never to government employees in non-critical areas. Oh, no, the first people to be targeted for layoffs are the very people who should be the last ones cut: law enforcement.

Even worse, in response to the horrible rape of a young woman, the liberal Democrats who’ve run the state for decades react with the same response they have for every problem…you guessed it, raising taxes.


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