2014...Crossroads for American Gun Owners

Never in American history have our rights been more at risk than they are today. As a result, gun stores have fewer and fewer guns on their shelves, and ammunition is flying out the doors as fast as the pallets are unloaded. Even 22 rimfire ammo is scarce, along with soaring prices everywhere you look.

However, a silver lining in this is that these shortages have finally begun to wake up those gun owners who have previously been AWOL in the gun control debates (astonishingly, some didn’t even vote in 2012!). So it’s a good thing, because it is long past the time for ALL gun owners to join forces, particularly for the 2014 election. For as bad as things are right now, they could soon get a whole lot worse.

Because if Democrats retain the Senate, and God forbid, take even a one vote majority in the House of Representatives in 2014, it is no exaggeration to say that you can kiss your gun rights goodbye. Barak Obama no longer has to run for reelection, and if he is allowed to have Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress, he will be in a perfect position to ram through a whole series of Federal measures that will make “Chicago-style” gun control the law of the land. And have no doubts that he will.

Just look at what the President is proposing today, while he still must deal with a Republican controlled House. Right off of the Whitehouse website:


  Require background checks for all gun sales

  Strengthen the background check system for gun sales

  Pass a new, stronger ban on assault weapons

  Limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds

  Finish the job of getting armor-piercing bullets off the streets

  Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime

Note how open-ended the language is, such as “Require background checks for all gun sales.” We all know that this creates a requirement that even private parties be subjected to a background check, with attendant “fees” and paperwork. But the real problem with the whole “expanded” background check is what they will do with the data they collect on every buyer and seller. It would, without any doubt, ultimately be used to establish de facto gun registration, which is one of their admitted long term goals.

Then there is the “a new, stronger ban on assault weapons.” Which means what, exactly? Well, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that this would translate to “adding more and more guns to the (ever-expanding) official list of prohibited weapons.” Today, your Ruger Mini-14, tomorrow, your Benelli Black Eagle (because it could be equipped with “tactical” accessories like pistol grip or folding stocks and extended magazine tubes).

But perhaps the most disturbing of all the President’s recommendations is also the most ambiguous:

“Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime.”

While we all want to see people who commit crimes with guns prosecuted, just what will fall under the heading of “gun crimes” – violating some new “improper storage” law? Attaching a laser to your “approved” handgun, making it suddenly “illegally modified” according to (as yet undefined) new Federal rules?  No one knows. Yet.

And what kinds of new “tools” would Obama and Democrats like to employ to “prevent” gun crimes? They’ve already expressed the desire to do things like fingerprint lawful gun owners, even those just buying ammunition. And Colorado and Connecticut have just passed some of the more onerous laws in recent memory. Confiscation is already occurring in California and New York. What next? Drones?

Obama is criss-crossing the country as we speak, raising money for 2014. Now imagine what Obama and the Pelosi/Feinstein/Schumer cabal will propose, if they become the majority. It should send chills down the spine of any gun owner.

I’ll admit that Republicans have been less than impressive in the gun control debate, and they have not defended our rights as aggressively as we’d like. But the alternative is worse, much worse. Today’s Democrats are downright hostile to gun owners. And unless we defeat them, decisively, in 2014, we will all regret it for decades to come, if not forever.

In 2012, President Obama won with fewer votes than he did in 2008. Which means that too many of those on “our side” didn’t vote. Put more bluntly, Obama didn’t beat us as much as we let him win. We simply cannot afford to have that happen in the mid-term elections.

If you own a gun, if you are even thinking of owning a gun, or if you simply believe that everyone has a right to protect themselves and their families, then you must do everything you can to unseat every Democrat in every House or Senate race.

2014 starts now.

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