Warning: Ammunition is the next “Big Tobacco”

How does $89 for a 50 round box of 9mm target ammo sound? Well, if gun owners don’t get off their collective rear ends that may well be the “new normal” – and sooner than they think. I’m old enough to remember when cigarettes were 35 cents a pack. Thanks to the “war on Big Tobacco” they now go anywhere from $5 at the discount stores to $8 a pack and more in some states.

It’s clear what will happen when the anti-gun jihadists set their sights on ammunition (which they already have, behind the scenes). But how? Simple. Taxes and regulation are two of the biggest weapons in the war on gun rights. Downright punitive taxes could be levied on ammunition both at the Federal level (similar to the excise taxes on liquor) and the state level. Then imagine if additional “special” taxes were applied to “military ammunition” like 556 or 762×39?

Regulation is the other looming threat. Bloomberg’s 7-round limit for handguns comes to mind. If, for instance, ammunition were arbitrarily declared a Class A explosive, a whole avalanche of restrictions would fall on the transportation, storage, and handling of ammo. Combined with tax increases, the resulting cost could quickly make my example of $89 for a box of 9MM a reality.

The anti-gun lobby have learned that a full frontal attack on gun ownership is likely to produce a backlash, hence the development of tactics to divide gun owners and pit them against each other. The so-called “assault weapons” ban is a perfect example. Note the constant repetition of the false promise that “hunters and sportsmen” will have “nothing to fear” from laws targeting “military style” rifles.

The intent is to lull certain gun owners into a false sense of security, as well as promoting the concept of “feeding the crocodile” – persuading one group of gun owners to throw their fellow gun owners (those who own AR-15s, tactical shotguns, etc.) overboard, in the naïve hope that the “crocodile” will leave THEM alone. They won’t, of course. Oh, sure, it may buy you another day or two, but nothing more. Because once that the crocs smell blood in the water, they will be even more likely to come back – this time for YOU.

Unfortunately, there are far too many gun owners who still fall for this propaganda (“I’m just a deer hunter. They’ll never take MY guns.”). Many of them never call or email their legislators, don’t belong to any national or local gun rights group, and often aren’t even aware of pending anti-gun initiatives. You can imagine my shock when a guy in a gun store overheard several of us discussing the Attorney General’s “Fast and Furious” troubles, and asked us: “Who is Eric Holder?” And this guy owns guns?

A couple of friends of mine recently returned from a hunting trip – of the eight hunters, six of them admitted that THEY DIDN’T EVEN VOTE in the 2012 election! When my friends (who are very politically active) asked them why, the answers ranged from “I don’t pay attention to politics” to “I wasn’t all that impressed with Mitt Romney” – Are they nuts? You “aren’t that impressed” with one candidate, so (by staying home) you give us the most anti-gun President in U.S. history?

Thanks a bunch.

Just last week I overheard a guy at a big-box store complaining about the shortage of guns, angry that he’d have to wait 3 months or more for a handgun. After a couple of minutes of chatting, he revealed that he voted for…Ron Paul. Again, I love Ron Paul. But I’m a gun owner first, and I vote my guns. I will support a pro-gun Democrat over a wishy-washy Republican. I’ve done it. But I will never “sit this one out” or vote for a “lost cause” just to make a statement.

Make no mistake – ammunition is in the cross-hairs. And regardless of your politics, or the kinds of guns you own, or whether you are a lifelong hunter or a concealed carry permit holder, any new taxes or regulations on ammunition, ANY ammunition, will also affect YOU.

And ignorance and apathy are simply unacceptable.