Lessons from "Sandy" - Think About Energy When You Vote on Tuesday

If there is anything that was made perfectly clear as a result of “‘Superstorm Sandy” it is this: America runs on ENERGY. But not just any energy. America runs on COAL, OIL, GASOLINE, NATURAL GAS, and ELECTRICITY that has been generated by coal, oil, and natural gas. The plain fact is that 99.6% or our energy comes from good old fossil fuels.

Contrary to the wishful thinking of the “green mafia” America does NOT run on power from government subsidized windmills or solar panels – these so-called “green” measures produce a measly 0.4% of our energy. And that is not going to change in our lifetimes, regardless of the amount of government money wasted on these fantasy energy sources.

And America most certainly does NOT benefit from other government subsidized failures like ETHANOL, which has done NOTHING to “reduce our dependence on foreign oil” but has driven food costs through the roof (hurting the poor most of all). And adding insult to injury, the process of creating Ethanol not only uses more energy to produce than it creates, ETHANOL plants produce run-off that pollutes the surrounding land and water tables. So much for “protecting the environment.”

True, we do get some electricity from hydro-electric power-plants such as Hoover dam as well as from a limited number of nuclear facilities, but even these have been targeted by the radical environmentalists for rollback, or outright elimination. We haven’t built a nuclear power station in more than 30 years.

Listen to the residents of New York and New Jersey who are sitting in their homes, shivering in the dark, unable to find food at the store, and unable to drive their cars because there is no gasoline available. Ask them how much they give a damn about “CO2 emissions” or if they would let their children freeze in order to combat mythical “global warming.”

Then ask yourself which political ideology is most responsible for getting us to this point in our history, where we spend more time and money handing out free “Obama-phones” and “food stamps” instead of repairing and upgrading our fragile energy infrastructure. Talk about misplaced priorities…

Obviously both political parties have done their share in handcuffing our energy producers, but when it comes to thwarting the development of American energy, it is clearly the Democrat party that has time and again stood in the way, putting appeasement of the radical environmentalists ahead of what’s best for the American people.

And Obama has continued their decades-long onslaught against American energy producers.

Preventing and/or severely limiting off-shore drilling.

Cutting oil drilling leases on Federal lands by 50%.

Cutting coal production by 20% at the very time that demand is soaring.

A moratorium on drilling in the Gulf  (putting 30,000 people out of work in the process) even after the BP oil rig disaster was no longer any threat.

Stopping the Keystone Pipeline, keeping valuable oil from Americans and forcing the Canadians to sell it to China – brilliant.

Meanwhile, Obama and the Democrats have squandered BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars on a long list of “green” energy boondoggles – most, like SOLYNDRA, ending up in bankruptcy, and NONE living up to their hype:


But in an ironic way, “Sandy” may end up doing some good, if only because the disastrous storm could end up illustrating to the average American the utter folly of Democrats and their radical anti-energy policies. If that happens, we may look back on this genuine tragedy as a turning point.

We can only hope…