"If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat!"

The above title is taken from a book by Hugh Hewitt – author, Constitutional Law scholar, and popular conservative talk show host. The full title is “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It.” I highly recommend it, especially this election season.

Here in Minnesota, we have had abundantly clear examples of how a mere handful of votes can tip a close election. As Law Professor Joe Olson opined recently:

“In 2010, the Republicans won the [Minnesota State] House by a combined total of LESS than 700 votes and the Senate by LESS than 2100 votes. That’s less than 1 vote per precinct. Thus just 2100 fraudulent votes will swing an election.  Voter fraud does not have to involve tens of thousands.  One vote per precinct will do it just fine.

Another Minnesota example is illustrative. You might have wondered how Minnesota wound up with the embarrassing failed ex-comedian Al Franken as their U.S. Senator. What happened was that Republican Norm Coleman initially won the 2008 Senatorial race, albeit by a mere 215 votes (out of 2.5 million cast):


But, after one of the most controversial recounts in history, Al Franken magically surged to the front, finally winning by 225 votes. Even more suspicious, of all the “found” votes, the split was 2 to 1 for Franken. In an election that was as close to 50/50 as ever occurred, that all of the newly discovered votes would so overwhelmingly favor one candidate is beyond the realm of credibility. Statisticians stated that the odds of such a result occuring by chance were “more than a billion to one – virtually inconceivable.” Even more disturbing, we now know that at least 6000 ineligible voters cast ballots in that election:

“…including double voting, vacant and non-deliverable addresses used in voter registrations, deceased people remaining on voter registration lists, [prohibited] felons newly registered to vote, duplicate voter registration records, deficient voter registration records and other inconsistencies.”


As Professor Olson correctly observed, when you look at the final margins of victory, it is easy to see how just a few fraudulent votes can make the difference. Worse, in Minnesota, one can vote with NO identification at all. You can register with something as simple as a water bill as “proof” of your eligibility. Or, in what most sane people would describe as begging for fraud, you can simply have someone “vouch” for you – claiming that “he/she lives with me” with NO identification required. And you can vouch for as many as 15 people!

In 2008, I personally witnessed a van pull up to my polling place in suburban Minneapolis, disgorging one Caucasian looking fellow in his ’40s and about a dozen men who appeared to be of Mexican or other Hispanic origins – they all spoke exclusively in Spanish. And, you guessed it, he “vouched” for all of them, claiming that each and every one of them lived with him.

After voting, they all piled back into the van and headed out. But to where? Likely to another precinct, where they would be handed off to another “sponsor” who would then swear that they all lived with HIM. And where they would vote again…and again.

As a result, a major initiative is on the Minnesota ballot this November to require positive voter I.D. in all future elections. More info at:


Naturally, Democrats are opposing Voter I.D. claiming that simply requiring voters to show an I.D. somehow “discriminates” against the poor, minorities, etc. Now, just about everyone with a pulse has either a driver’s license or some other form of identification – you can’t cash a check or buy beer without an I.D. Heck, I can’t get into a Sam’s Club without my picture I.D. But we all know that the real reason for their opposition is simple: Democrats want to cheat.

And cheat they will. For Democrats, voter fraud is a standard (and accepted) tactic for winning elections, from the former ACORN operatives who have gone underground but not gone away, to the “Secretary of State Project” a la George Soros, wherein state candidates for the position that will likely decide close elections were funded by the billionaire leftist. Note that the Minnesota Secretary of State, Democrat Mark Ritchie, was backed by Soros, and it was Ritchie who presided over the dubious Franken/Coleman recount.

So, get ready folks. And get involved. Sign up to be a poll watcher and/or an election judge.  And be sure to talk to every like-minded friend you know to make sure they get out and VOTE.

Remember, just one vote per precinct can make the difference….