Another Madman Kills - and Democrats Sing the Same Old "Gun Control" Song

In the wake of the Aurora shooting, gun sales are soaring in Colorado – local stores report purchases up 40%. Apparently, the citizens are not as gullible as politicians think they are. The Century Theater where James Holmes went on his rampage not surprisingly had a ridiculous “No Guns” policy – complete with signs – so that Holmes knew in advance that his “audience” would likely be completely defenseless.

Such events also underscore the incredible naivete of those who think you can rely on law enforcement to protect you – even though the Police arrived within minutes, the damage had already been done. I won’t speculate on whether or not an armed citizen could have stopped Holmes – it’s impossible to say with any certainty. But one thing IS certain – the theater’s banning guns did NOTHING to prevent his killing spree.

And relying on “gun control” to protect you is equally misplaced. Thanks to our biased media, few Americans are aware that the greatest mass shooting in history occurred in oh-so-peace-loving Norway – just one year ago, 77 people were killed in a country with some of the most extreme gun control laws on the planet.

Yet don’t hold your breath waiting for sanity from the anti-gun politicians like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg – there is too much political capital to be gained by dancing in the blood of the victims. Bloomberg and other anti-gun zealots across the nation are jumping (again) on the “gun control” bandwagon. And don’t waste your time attempting to educate these fanatics using anything like facts or documented historical data – they viscerally hate guns, and nothing you can say will persuade them to change their minds.

What is perhaps most frustrating is the complete lack of understanding by politicians and media types who should know better. For example, notoriously anti-gun Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein blames the expiration of the deceptively named “assault weapons ban” – which in fact did not ban ANY of the most popular military style carbines. In fact, it merely required that they be offered without certain cosmetic features like flash suppressors, certain types of grips, and bayonet lugs (yes, bayonet lugs).

Thus the most popular guns of the type, the AR-15 and AK-47, that were available during the 10 year “ban” are in every other way identical to those offered before or since. They fire the same cartridges. They accept any of the same 20, 30 or 40 round magazines. In other words, there is no functional difference between them – they are simply semi-automatic carbines, and no different in how they operate from many so-called “hunting” rifles.

Ironically, most hunting rifles are far more powerful and lethal than any AR-15 or even the much maligned AK-47, the “Darth Vader” of firearms to the anti-gun true believers (in spite of the fact that the AKs that can be bought here are NOT the fully automatic variety used by the Russian military – Hollywood propaganda notwithstanding). The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the civilian AR-15 that you or I can buy looks exactly like the (genuinely fully automatic) M-16 used by the military.

And since 40% of Americans are so clueless about firearms that they think “semi-automatic” means “machine gun” the misunderstanding persists. Let me explain (for the umpteenth time) that every handgun (other than revolvers) made by Glock, Springfield XD, Sig-Sauer, Colt, H&K, Ruger, and dozens of other manufacturers, is a semi-automatic firearm, a design that has been around for more than 100 YEARS – even longer for semi-automatic rifles.

There is nothing new, unusual or sinister about “semi-automatic” firearms – but the press persists in using the adjective because they have learned that it scares those who know little or nothing about guns.

But all of this is beside the point. The harsh reality (something the anti-gun types abhor confronting) is that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that you can do in terms of regulating, registering, banning, limiting, or otherwise attempting to “control” gun and ammunition purchasing and/or ownership will ever stop a single lunatic from finding a way to get whatever tool he/she wants in order to commit the kind of mass murder that this man did.

After all, if extreme gun control worked, Chicago would be the safest city in America. But the out-of-control gang violence in Chicago illustrates clearly what the gun control advocates adamantly refuse to admit – that disarming otherwise law abiding citizens simply makes them MORE likely to be victims, not less.

And the skyrocketing sales of guns and ammunition, both in Colorado and across the nation, is testament to the fact that more and more Americans are getting the message…