"Fast and Furious" - Is Eric Holder Haunted by the Ghost of Timothy McVeigh?

History has taught us that what we don’t know CAN kill us. Pearl Harbor. The 9/11 attacks. The election of Barak Obama. And now we have the “Fast and Furious” scandal, which is currently embroiling Obama’s inept and corrupt Attorney General, Eric Holder. But will the “Fast and Furious” calamity eventually evoke a creepy feeling of deja vu?

In the following excerpt from www.keenobserver.blogtownhall.com Rich Sabatini seems to have uncovered some interesting connections between “Fast and Furious” and, of all things, the Oklahoma City bombing. Apparently they had quite a few things in common, including (are you ready?) the direct involvement of the aforementioned Eric Holder:

Ask any detective: virtually all criminals can be quickly identified by their modus operandi. That is to say, they commit their crimes in a similar fashion – leaving a trail of clues that signify a distinctive methodology or way of operating.

Take Eric Holder, our beloved attorney general, for example: Remember the horrible bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah government building in 1995?

Now flash forward to the present day, where Holder is acccused of hiding the details about Fast and Furious; a gunrunning scheme whereby US guns were allowed to cross the Mexican border, to be put into the hands of drug cartels and criminals.

ALLEGATION: The common denominator in Fast and Furious and the Oklahoma City Bombing is Eric Holder.

ALLEGATION: Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, managed an FBI operation that provided explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just prior to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.

It seems that quite by accident, documents obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue (in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit) show then Clinton Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder had authorized members of the FBI to provide explosives to Oklahoma City bombing criminals Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, just prior to the April,1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.

Now the common denominator (modus operandi): Holder had authorized the FBI to provide the explosives to McVeigh and Nichols as ”bait” for a Clinton Administration undercover operation called PATCON, an acronym for Patriot Conspiracy.

As Mr. Trentadue describes it: (quote)…”PATCON was designed to infiltrate/ incite white conservative militias and/or evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them.”

Similarly, one of the allegations that stands out in Fast and Furious is that the Department of Justice’s covert project was designed to make it look like massive gun sales were being made to drug cartels in Mexico, so that the Obama administration could justify getting Congress to pass gun-control legislation in accordance with the Presidents agenda.

And now, government documents reveal that a similar project was made up to influence legislation and government action against citizen militias.

Like Fast and Furious, the Oklahoma City Bombing was also a Justice Department project that went awry; that it got away from the government handlers, which resulted in the mass murder at the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.

Not surprisingly, PATCON has stayed under wraps for nearly 15 years, until it was discovered by attorney Jesse Trentadue, while investigating the murder of his brother Kenneth, who had been an FBI informant who aparently “knew too much”. Thusly, he [sic – may have been] summarily executed at the hands of the Clinton Department of Justice.

After the bombing, Kenneth Trentadue was arrested, locked up, then found hanged in his cell: The verdict? Suicide.

Though an official FBI report had listed Kenneth Trentadue as having killed himself, it was obvious that he had been severely beaten and his throat cut, only a day before he was scheduled to talk to the press.

Now, I cannot personally comment on the veracity of the assertions in this commentary piece, but given that everything stated is from sources that can be investigated, it certainly should give any thinking person pause.

One would only hope that Senator Cornyn would at some point ask our Attorney General about his role in the PATCON operation…

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