Hitler and the Nazis had the Jews - Obama and the Democrats have "the Rich"

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the parallels between the endless attacks by today’s liberals and Democrats on “the rich” and the Nazis’ demonizing of Jews in the 1930s. Even more obvious is the way in which  the Hollywood media has acted as the propaganda arm of the “hate-the-rich” movement.

The Nazis knew very well that in order to gain support for their takeover of the lives of ordinary Germans, they needed to create an “enemy at home” – someone to blame for unemployment, inflation, and economic chaos. Being highly visible as business owners and professionals, and even more importantly, seen as successful while many Germans were struggling, “the Jewish problem” was the perfect scapegoat.

The Nazis also understood the importance and effectiveness of propaganda in shaping public opinion. Most students of history recognize the name of film director Leni Riefenstahl, whose “Triumph of the Will” is perhaps the most famous propaganda film of the Third Reich. But there were many others, such as Viet Harlan, the maker of “Jew Suss” – a virulently anti-Semitic film made during Hitler’s regime.

Students of propaganda know that official government proclamations have limited affect – people tend to tune them out. But the endless repetition of themes, especially when cleverly intertwined with popular “entertainment” media, can be remarkably effective in altering the perceptions of average people.

And it worked. It didn’t take long for most Germans to go along with the idea that if only the “Jewish problem” were dealt with, their own lives would somehow magically improve. Soon after came the vandalism of Jewish owned stores and businesses, including attacks and beatings of the proprietors.

Fast forward to today, when it is almost impossible to watch a TV drama or even a comedy, where “the rich” are not portrayed in a negative light. Think about it. When was the last time you saw wealthy, successful characters on TV who were faithful to their wives, loving towards their children, and appreciative of their employees? Hardly ever. Instead, the villain is nearly always wealthy, almost exclusively white, and usually male. And when the villain does happen to be female, she will be just as vicious (and rich) as her male counterparts.

The current ABC show “Revenge” is perhaps the quintessential example of rich-bashing – just about every wealthy character is so despicable that they are almost cartoon-like. Naturally, the only “nice” characters are the blue-collar owner of the local pub and his brother, who struggle to earn a living running after their father died and left them with a pile of bills. And they even cry when their dog dies. Get the picture?

But it is not an individual show that sways public opinion. It is that the same anti-wealth message occurs over and over again. Even when it has nothing to do with the plot of a particular episode, you can count on one of the characters to make a snide comment about anyone remotely successful. In a recent episode of the crime drama “The Mentalist” one of the detectives (after interviewing a witness who happened to live in a rather impressive house) just had to remark to his partner, “God, I hate rich people.”

And the anti-success, anti-wealth drumbeat goes on.

So it is no wonder at all that the hatred for the rich that has been promoted by liberals for the last decade is now resulting in the same kind of anger and violence that characterized Germany in the 1930s.  And for those who are naive enough to believe that what is happening in Greece “could never happen here” perhaps you have forgotten the “Occupy” parasites and WTO protesters, who riot, smash windows, destroy property, and evidence the same violent rhetoric as their 1930’s counterparts.

Look at what’s been happening in Chicago:


And the closer we get to the election, I cannot help but be reminded of the old quote that “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”