"Occupy" Parasites - the Greed of the 99%

Happy May Day, when the army of unwashed, unemployed (and mostly unemployable) neo-communists attempt to disrupt the lives of the majority of Americans who actually work for a living. The number of websites dedicated to the “movement” seems to grow daily:




You will find lots of socialist rhetoric at any of these sites, but what exactly do these generally vapid, obnoxious “protesters” really want?

The answer is not really that complicated: The want everything you have, but with one crucial difference. Instead of working for it, they want someone else to give it to them. From “free” healthcare to “forgiving” their student loans, these parasites want YOU to fund their lifestyle.

Naturally, they attempt to justify their demands by incessantly hurling the charge of “greed” at the so-called “1%” – which is actually anyone who happens to be more successful than they are. Yet simply having the drive, talent, and work ethic to achieve financial success hardly qualifies as “greed” – at least by any sane reasoning. After all, every dollar that Steve Jobs earned in amassing his fortune was freely given to him by millions of customers who wanted the products he created.

But the “occupy” mob has no interest in working for the things they demand, they want to take it from others by force.  Worse, they aren’t even honest enough to do it themselves. As economist Walter Williams has said, “It is astonishing that people who would not dream of going down the street and robbing their neighbors at gunpoint, have no problem hiring the government to do precisely the same thing for them.”

Specifically, this consists of using the tax code to gouge “the rich” with ever higher taxes. Meanwhile  the bottom half pay next to nothing in income taxes, while consuming a hugely disproportionate share of of government welfare programs. From subsidized housing to food stamps, almost half of Americans now have their snouts in the government trough.

Now, that’s greed.

The pundits in the mainstream media try desperately to cloak the “occupy” movement with a semblance of legitimacy, and the protesters themselves hide behind all sorts of slogans about “fairness” and “social justice” (code for socialist redistribution of wealth). They even toss in demands for unfettered immigration (read: “New Democrat Voters).

But the harsh reality is that these mostly mangy misfits are nothing more than greedy parasites who expect you and I to provide them with all of the things they are unwilling to earn for themselves. And they are willing to become a major nuisance to get their way.

The only real question is how long are the rest of us going to stand by and let them do it.