Liberal Lynch Mob Fuels Obama's Race War

When Barak Obama was elected, the liberal pundits hailed his presidency as a “landmark” and swooned at the thought of the “healing of the racial divide.” That was then. Now, three years into the Obama administration, the “post racial president” has already presided over the greatest escalation of racial disharmony since the 1950’s.

Remember the Black Panthers who stood outside of a polling place, brandishing billy clubs and intimidating voters? Not only were they not prosecuted, insiders at the Justice Department reported that the decision to look the other way was the stated policy of Obama’s blatantly racist Attorney General, Eric Holder – he apparently made it clear that he “has no interest” in bringing charges against anyone who happens to be black.

The Trayvon Martin case is simply the latest example of this double standard when it comes to violent crime victims. Barely had the incident been reported than the liberal lynch mob, headed by “race-hustler” Al Sharpton, were in the streets, demanding “justice” for the young man. Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the usual suspects were not far behind. To hell with the legal process, let’s get a rope.

The mainstream media jumped on board, MSNBC being the worst, with their so-called “newscasters” practically calling for Zimmerman’s head on a stick. And in spite of the fact that Zimmerman is bi-racial (he is half Mexican) the press persistently referred to him as “white” until his Mexican heritage was revealed, at which point they went to the ridiculous stretch of calling him a “white-Hispanic” (just HAVE to get that word “white” in there).

And virtually all of the media disingenuously posted pictures of 17 year old Martin that were obviously taken when he was barely 13 (innocent smile and all). This is significant, as it now appears Trayvon Martin was much more robust in size, and more than capable of the kind of attack he allegedly launched at the shooter, George Zimmerman.

Note that in the same month in which George Zimmerman confronted and subsequently killed Martin, literally dozens of young, black men were killed in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, and elsewhere. And in the overwhelming majority of these cases, they were killed by…other young, black men. Yet not a word from Sharpton and company.

And not a peep from the White House.

Worse, when utterly horrific crimes are committed by blacks against whites, the silence is almost deafening. A 13 year old boy in Kansas City was doused with gasoline and set on fire by a group of thugs, and no one even knows his name. Why? Because he was white, and the vicious little dirt-bags who attacked him were black. In spite of the fact that the perpetrators apparently chose their victim because he was white.

Again, not even a word of comment from Obama or Holder.

On St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Chicago, there were more than 40 shootings, with a dozen people killed (most of them black). Once again, neither President Obama nor Attorney General Holder seemed interested in dealing with the carnage. “Black on black crime” has no political value, nor does “black on white” violence. Nope. In the Obama administration, only “white on black” crime deserves attention.

Thus, when a black teenager is killed by a man who simply has a “white-sounding” name, out to the lawn of the White House comes Obama, telling the nation that “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” What exactly does that even mean? Is the President suggesting that if the victim did not “look like Trayvon” that the alleged crime was somehow less serious?

The short answer is, yes, that is exactly the message, whether intentional or not. Because whenever a President chooses to insert himself into a situation, it becomes a statement of his position on the issue. Just as NOT commenting is – as when the New Black Panther Party publicly announced a $10,000 “bounty” on George Zimmerman, “dead or alive” in their words. Or when film director Spike Lee actually Tweeted Zimmerman’s home address, practically inviting a lynch mob to “take action.” Silence.

And even now, after the Panthers raised the bounty to $1 Million, there is still no criticism of the Panthers’ actions. Not from Holder. Not from Obama.

But just imagine if someone in the Aryan Brotherhood announced a similar “contract” on a black suspect, or even on a high profile black activist like Al Sharpton . The uproar would be cataclysmic. The New York Times would be apoplectic. There would be calls for Senate hearings. And Obama and Holder would be saturating the airwaves, warning of the impending doom of American society (not to mention demanding more gun control).

The harsh reality is that while Barak Obama and Eric Holder are “outraged” whenever a violent act by a white person (or even half-white) results in the death of a black victim, it has become painfully obvious that they are more than merely indifferent to crimes committed by blacks against whites. Instead, the official policy of the Obama administration is clearly one of intentionally exacerbating racial tensions and hostility at every opportunity. And for no other reason than political gain.

The “post racial president” indeed…