The Liberal Caliphate - Understanding the Radical "Religion" of the American Left

Among the chattering classes of the Left-wing media, it is almost an article of faith that the terms “right wing” and “religious radicals” are inextricably linked.  Moreover, from “comedian” Bill Maher’s vile attacks on religion in general, to the totally off-the-chart vilification of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, the Left has consistently reviled anyone of religious conviction. Religion, and openly religious people, make their skin crawl.

Which is ironic, since today, the really irrational groups are found almost exclusively on the political Left. And while their choice of “deity” may vary, like any religious zealots, liberal fanatics all have their dogma – their sacred beliefs – and their intransigent defense of those beliefs is eerily reminiscent of the more fundamentalist Islamist factions.

Take the radical environmentalists.  Their “dogma” is that “global warming is real, and mankind is causing it” and thus no amount of scientific evidence will convince them otherwise. Even after real scientists (as opposed to Left-wing social engineers) have exposed the bogus climate data (and even intentional fraud) behind the claims of “man-made climate change” they, like zealots everywhere, wage a relentless “religious war” – only this time the “demon” is American prosperity.

Then there are the “animal rights” activists. Just to set the record straight, neither I, nor anyone I know,  believes in torturing a helpless animal. But these people go way beyond the “ethical” treatment of animals. They commit acts of vandalism. They destroy private property. They break into laboratories and release animals into the populace. Talk about almost “religious” fanaticism – these people even want dogs and cats to have the same legal standing and protections as human beings.

Like all religions, the animal rights “true believers” have their different sects – vegetarians, and the even more radical vegans, are good examples. Vegans are committed beyond all reason to preventing the eating of ANY animal products, not just by themselves, but by anyone. And they are not shy about saying so. If they could, they would make eating meat, eggs, or butter a capital crime. Tell me that isn’t a “radical” view predicated on nothing more than a philosophical belief.

Next on the list is the “Church of Anti-Smoking” – perhaps nowhere else can you find more fanatical devotion to a belief. More importantly, like any “state religion” they have enlisted the power of the government to force everyone to worship at their shrine. By employing the same time-tested tactic of religions throughout history – inventing a mythical “devil” in the form of  “second hand smoke” – the anti-smoking faithful have been able to convince many states to completely ban smoking in any public building, including private businesses like bars and restaurants.

Atheists claim to want “freedom from religion” but atheism is itself a religion – atheists just have a negative belief in God (i.e. there isn’t a supreme being). Ironically, real atheists (and I know a couple) are not threatened at all by any religion – they couldn’t care less. But the irrational fears that many putative atheists have of any expression of religion is almost comical. As someone once said, “You have to wonder why it is that atheists are so terrified of something they claim doesn’t even exist.” Indeed, when militant anti-religious “crusaders” are so adamant about taking down a cross on a hillside, it does make one wonder what, exactly, they fear so deeply.

And let’s not forget that most Holy Sacrament of Liberalism – abortion. Just as in many primitive religions, this particularly gruesome ritual requires the sacrifice of innocents…and in a manner disturbingly similar to the way that the Mayans violently gouged out the hearts of their (equally unwilling) victims. And with the same result. Yet the liberal congregation will rise up with torches and pitchforks if any “heretic” dares to question the practice.

But the most dangerous aspect of the American Left is their unmitigated commitment to the “religion” of Socialism – modern American liberals quite literally worship at the alter of Big Government. And no matter how disastrously socialist policies have failed time and again throughout history, these Marxist “true believers” persist in their religious war to “convert” America from a nation of free-market capitalists into a European style socialist “utopia” where government controls every aspect of our lives.

From the housing crisis to the out-of-control welfare state, and our staggering (and growing) $15 Trillion in debt, almost everything wrong with America today is due to the “good intentions” of the Church of Liberalism. Even those obnoxious “occupy” protesters are the natural result of decades of liberal “entitlement” programs that have created an entire generation of government-dependent parasites.

In reality, everyone has a “religion” – a philosophy of life, ethics, right and wrong – but the various “religions” of the American Left are often far more radical in their mission, and more dangerous to the American way of life, than any traditional religion, even radical Islam. Because, like militant Islam, the American Left is not content to merely maintain their beliefs – they want to impose their “Liberal Sharia” on the rest of us.