Steve Jobs versus Socialist Mobs

The death of high-tech genius Steve Jobs has illuminated a fundamental difference between those who represent the very best of American free enterprise, and the neo-communist parasites currently “occupying” Wall Street. And the contrast between the two could not be more stark.

Steve jobs was the archetypal self-starting, forward-thinking entrepreneur, a man who did not merely react to market demands – he created them. In many ways, Steve Jobs was a modern day version of Thomas Edison – a man ahead of his time, and certainly ahead of his contemporaries. No matter what obstacles he faced, including cancer, he forged ahead, determined to bring his latest ideas to fruition, often running on little more than the force of his own personality.

As a result, Jobs prospered beyond his wildest dreams. But so did society. From the earliest Apple computer to the current crop of “smart” phones, Jobs and his merry band of technocrats have produced a spate of products that is simply staggering in its breadth, and extraordinary in their impact on our culture and our lives.

And Jobs’ contributions to the lives of millions of Americans was not limited to the products that he developed and produced.  In building what is now one of the most profitable enterprises in the nation’s history, he also created tens of thousands of jobs, not only at Apple, but at the thousands of businesses that sell, service, and use his products.

Ironically, it is precisely people like Steve Jobs that Obama and the Democrats have been relentlessly demonizing – those “greedy” rich. Obama even had the temerity to join the chorus of those praising Jobs – while simultaneously waging war on everyone who, like Jobs, has committed the unpardonable sin of becoming incredibly successful.

Meanwhile, in a number of major cities, we have seen what can only be described as mobs of filthy, foul-mouthed, snotty little socialists, whining about “income disparity” and attacking every aspect of the American economic and financial system, from corporations to banks, not to mention actually calling for the deaths of bankers, hedge fund managers, and even, inexplicably, Jews.

Apparently, instead of working to build a better future for themselves, these free-loaders want their fellow taxpayers to give it to them. In their bizarre world, everyone has a “right” to a college education, a right to a certain income, a “right” to “free” healthcare and “free” housing, not to mention a “right” to food stamps and “free” gas for their cars. One cannot help wondering when they will get around to demanding “free” Apple I-Pods.

The life of Steve Jobs is a testament to the power of the individual to achieve. He lived the very essence of what America has always embodied – the freedom to pursue your own dreams. Not a “safety net” or some false promise of “fairness” – merely the opportunity to succeed. And in so doing, he made all of our lives better.

By comparison, the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is a motley collection of Left-wing malcontents and losers. Supported by government unions and a loose coalition of radical socialist groups, these “protesters” are little more than a bunch of spoiled brats, throwing a temper tantrum to get their hands on the fruits of other people’s labor, while contributing absolutely nothing of value to society.

I genuinely hope Steve Jobs rests in peace. At least he will be spared having to watch everything he worked for being destroyed in the name of “social justice.”