Obama's "Jobs" Bill: More of the same, but for how long?

If Americans were expecting that Barak Obama would pay attention to what the nation was telling him in the 2010 Republican tsunami, they are going to be very disappointed. Unlike Bill Clinton, who reacted to the Republican take0ver of the House in 1994 by reining in the left wing of his party, Obama seems to be utterly tone-deaf.

Obama’s latest speeches touting his so-called “Jobs” bill is proof positive that he will not, and perhaps cannot, rethink his economically disastrous policies. Besides pandering to every special interest group imaginable with yet more promises of government “investments” (i.e. spending) Obama continued with his divisive class warfare rhetoric, promising to “pay for” his latest folly by, you guessed it, taxing the rich. But Obama’s definition of “rich” is anyone making over $200 thousand a year, the very small business people he claims his bill will help.

The more important point is that Obama has shown that he fails to grasp the fundamental realities of free market economics. Prosperity comes from the private sector, not government.  The only jobs that government can create are government jobs, which do not add a single penny to the economy – on the contrary, since every government employee’s check comes from money that was first taken from the private sector taxpayers, government jobs are an EXPENSE.

The only thing that government can do to “stimulate” the economy is to get out of the way of the private sector – CUT taxes, not raise them. CUT bureaucratic regulations, not increase them. And CUT government subsidies, don’t expand them.

The currently unfolding Solydra scandal is a perfect example of what happens when government interferes with the free market, not to mention exposing the utter culture of corruption permeating the Obama administration.

Solyndra was touted by Obama himself as an example of our “green future” – as a manufacturer of solar panels and other “green” products, it was the recipient of more than HALF a BILLION DOLLARS in government guaranteed loans. But barely a year later, Solyndra is not only in bankruptcy, it is the target of a criminal investigation:


It’s bad enough that we have the government dumping money into yet another dubious “green” venture, but what did Solyndra actually do with the $535 million dollars? And why are the taxpayers on the hook for the defaulted loans, while the executives/investors of Solyndra get THEIR money first? The answer, of course, is that at least some of  the principles involved in this fiasco are (surprise, surprise) big supporters of Barak Obama.

And as if Obama didn’t have enough to worry about, in Tuesday’s special election in New York’s overwhelmingly Democratic 9th District, the voters just elected Bob Turner, the first Republican in that seat in 90 years! And Democrat denials to the contrary, the race was clearly a referendum on Obama’s policies:


It remains to be seen if this economically illiterate (and intransigently socialist) President can put aside his leftist ideology and face both economic and political reality. Personally, I have my doubts. And it has become increasingly clear to more and more of the American people that the only thing that will keep Obama and his socialist acolytes from doing irreparable damage to the American economy is his loss, preferably by a landslide, in the 2012 election.