Obama's "Vampire Economics"

When I was a teenager back in the 1960’s I had a friend whose grandmother lived with his family. She was born in Eastern Europe and genuinely believed in vampires, so much so that she hung garlic bulbs in every window of their house to ward off the evil creatures. When he chided her that it was silly, since there weren’t any vampires, she proudly announced, “of course there aren’t – the garlic is keeping them away.” How do you argue with “logic” like that?

I couldn’t help thinking about how much her statement reminded me of the oft-repeated claim by Obama and the Democrats that their failed TRILLION dollar “stimulus” program was actually a success. Because, they say, even though private sector employment has stagnated and no real economic growth has resulted, it “worked” because “the stimulus kept us out of even worse trouble – a depression.” In other words, the absence of an economic “vampire” (a depression) is “proof” that the stimulus worked.

This “vampire” politics is nothing new for Democrats – they have used the same argument to justify all sorts of failed initiatives. The massive welfare state that liberal policies have created has been an unmitigated disaster, destroying families, especially in black communities, and creating 2nd and even 3rd generations of people living off the taxpayers. And even after trillions of dollars and over 40 years of welfare, poverty rates have not changed.

So, how do Democrats defend such a system? Easy. “Without it, things would be much worse.” The idea that the welfare state might actually be responsible for institutional poverty is never even considered – we are asked to “take it on faith” that the War on Poverty is “keeping the vampires away.”

Even something as seemingly unrelated as gun control is defended on the same basis. For example, Illinois is the only state in the country that still does not permit its citizens to carry a gun for self-defense, and the city of Chicago has long maintained even more extreme restrictions on private gun ownership – until the Supreme Court recently overturned a Chicago law, it was illegal to merely own a handgun, even in your own home.

Yet in spite of their Draconian gun laws, Chicago street gangs have no trouble getting guns from the black market – they are armed to the teeth, and are responsible for most of the city’s 600 murders each year. But ask the Democrats who run the city to explain why they persist in clinging to their failed policies, and their answer is always, “because without these laws, gun violence would be much worse.” Got it?

An especially good example of “vampire economics” is the entire “global warming” scam. Under the rubric of “going Green” we are asked to drastically lower our standard of living, put up with skyrocketing food prices and energy costs, and allow ever more intrusive government control of our lives, all to combat a non-existent (dare I say, “mythical”) threat: the “climate change” vampire.

Ironically, it has been the relentless growth of liberal social policies that have created actual “economic vampires” – legions of welfare recipients, corporate parasites like General Electric, government union employees, and an army of Federal bureaucrats, all “sucking the blood” of the private sector tax-payers who ultimately pay the bills.

But as the 2012 election draws ever nearer, “vampire economics” will certainly be part of the campaign strategy of Obama and the Democrats. “Yeah, the stimulus has failed miserably, Obamacare had caused many businesses to put expansion and hiring on hold, and unemployment is unlikely to go below 9% for the foreseeable future, but hey, if we hadn’t acted, things would have been much worse.”

Oh, and just in case “vampire economics” doesn’t persuade you, left-wing Democrat nut-cases like Maxine Waters and Andre Carson of the “Congressional Black Caucus” are already reminding you that if you don’t vote for Barak Obama, well then, you’re obviously a racist.

John Caile