Of Course Weiner Didn't Resign - He's a Democrat!

In what is almost a cliche, yet another Democrat gets caught with his pants down (in Congressman Anthony Weiner’s case, literally), yet stubbornly refuses to step down from his political position. But why would he? Weiner is a Democrat, and for decades, no matter how badly Democrats misbehave, they have invariably kept their jobs.

Absolutely nothing happened to Democrat Barney Frank when it was discovered that his gay roommate was running a prostitution ring out of Frank’s house. There was little more than a yawn, and Frank is still in Congress. In spite of serious ethics issues, Democrat Charlie Rangel still has his job. Tim Geithner “forgot” to pay his income taxes, yet continued in his job as, ironically, Obama’s Treasury Secretary. And the list goes on.

Now, contrast the fates of “teflon” Democrats with what happened to another New York Congressman who found himself in a situation almost identical to that of Congressman Weiner. In 2010, Congressman Chris Lee was embarrassed by revelations that he sent a picture of himself without a shirt to a young woman. Not in his underwear. Not naked. Just without a shirt. Ho hum, right? Aaaah, but Chris Lee was a Republican, so of course it was a “major scandal” which ultimately resulted in Lee’s resignation, paving the way for a Democrat victory in his former 26th Congressional District seat.

So don’t hold your breath waiting for Weiner to resign on his own. While far more trivial transgressions by a Republican will be “big news” in all the major press outlets, Democrats know that the overwhelmingly liberal talking heads at the major networks will always do everything possible to ensure that any scandal involving a Democrat dies as quickly as possible. Unless some new, more damaging evidence is discovered that the Democratic leadership simply can’t ignore, then “Weinergate” will be allowed to quietly fade away.

The sorry truth is that today’s media view protecting Democrats and their liberal viewpoint simply as part of their job. They are no longer even subtle about it. When a Democrat does something illegal, immoral, or just unethical, the press will often go beyond sweeping the story under the rug, including attacking the people who dared to expose the scandal with far more vigor than they bring to covering the suspected miscreant. Even in the unusual case where a Democrat does finally have to step down, the media practically leaps to their aid – when disgraced former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer had to resign over his escapades with prostitutes, CNN gave him his own show!

Now, if the additional revelations, including new photos, that are now surfacing turn out to be as damning as they sound, Congressman Weiner may in fact be forced to resign at some point – Nancy Pelosi has indicated that an “ethics investigation” may be in the offing. But the larger point is that the double standard that exists in politics today needs to end. Scandal is scandal – the party affiliation of the offenders should not matter.

In a perfect world, any man (or woman) caught in a situation like Weiner’s would not wait to be forced out – their sense of shame would lead them to “do the honorable thing” and resign. But as long as we have Democrats like Weiner who seem to have no capacity for shame, and who are aided and abetted by a complicit media, we will continue to see Democrats “get a pass” when it comes to malfeasance in office.

John Caile